You’ve Got a Match on a Dating App – Now What?

Life is about trying to make things easier, right? All you have to do these days to get some loving feeling is:

  1. Download a dating app like Paktor.
  2. Set your preferences.
  3. Look at photos. Swipe right when you “meet” your true love. Repeat.
  4. Suddenly you have a Match. Someone thinks YOU are True Love. *swoon*

About this time you start to get a sinking feeling in your stomach. You wonder if it’s that murtabak you had at lunch. But no, a light bulb goes off nearby (these old houses!) and you realise it’s the moment of truth – you now have to interact with your One True Love. Oops. Never fear! Check out for a comprehensive guide to starting scintillating conversations online.

Now you’re past the first barrier. You’ve stunned your One True Love into a woozy obedience. To your disbelief, your match has agreed to a date. Now what?

dating app - cafe

  1. Pick a Good Place

It’s the first date so you want to be able to get to know this person better but just in case things go south, you also need to be able to make a quick exit so no fancy 10-course omakase restaurant. A bright cheery café for coffee or cake would be a safe bet. Pick one that isn’t too noisy (unless your only plan for the date is to stare soulfully into each other’s eyes) and always be sure to let a friend know where you’re going (serial killer alert).

dating app - dressing

  1. Pick a Good Look

Dress nicely but comfortably so you’ll be focused on the date and not be trying to breathe in your skin-tight butt-high dress. But do draw the line somewhere. A guy showing up in slippers and his favourite holey tee is not going to score any Effort Points. A basic hygiene check is also a good idea anytime so no dirty nails, nose hair, dandruff, you get my drift.

dating app - conversation

  1. Say the Right Things

Firstly, don’t do all the talking. Secondly, don’t not talk at all or use only monosyllables. Be prepared to talk about your interests but also ask questions to indicate your interest in your match. Since it’s only the first (few) date(s), you might want to avoid anything too contentious like Religion, Money or your Unholy Ex. But then again, what do I know? If you’re intense and she’s intense, go for it!

dating app - common interests

  1. Make a Good Exit

No matter how the date went, leave a good impression by ending it well. Saying you’re going to the toilet and then pulling a disappearing act is NOT ending it well. Graciously thank your match for the date even if you’re not planning a second one but if you are, this could be a good opportunity to make some suggestions so your match knows you’re keen. His/her response will also give you a good clue about their interest level.


Photo Courtesy: We Heart It