Better Dating App Taglines? Absolutely!

A picture may paint a thousand words but if you paint like me, it’ll probably sound like a foreign language to most earthlings. Instead, I suggest you stick to writing where generally, a thousand words will say…a thousand words. And if it’s a tagline you’re writing, you don’t even need a thousand words. Take Nike’s “Just Do It” – a tagline so awesome you could use it for shoes or dating apps or constipation. But since most of you don’t write for Nike, here are some tips to help you write better taglines for Paktor.

Dating App Taglines
  1. Be Creative &/or Funny

Life is speeding up and you have 2 seconds to get some attention. No one will remember you as the guy who’s “looking for someone to curl up with on the couch to watch movies together” since only 273 people have written such a tag. Even if you cannot invent something original, at least make the effort to use or modify cool song lyrics or famous quotes from books, movies or even celebrities – “Life is Too Short. Eat Dessert First.”

Dating App Taglines
Photo Courtesy: We Heart It

2. Be Specific

“Looking for someone wonderful / Ms Right” – Yep we know exactly what you mean. Now you’ll only have every other narcissist in town knocking on your virtual door. But if you want someone who actually shares some common interests with you, you may want to give a clue somewhere in your tagline about the kind of person you are. “Life is Too Short. Eat Dessert First.” – Says you’re funny; You enjoy food, particularly dessert; You don’t mind breaking some rules / You’re unconventional.

Dating App Dessert
  1. Put in Effort

“I’m bored, here goes nothing!” – Such lame taglines reveal insincerity, laziness or poor social skills, none of which are attractive qualities. If you cannot even be bothered to write something good for your tagline, no one would expect you to be a good date/partner.

Dating App Taglines
Photo Courtesy: We Heart It
  1. Be Respectful

There’s a difference between specifying the qualities you’re looking for and being rude – “If you’re not interesting, don’t bother” is not only offensive but says a lot about the kind of person you are.

Dating App Rude Taglines
  1. Be Truthful

Being online may feel anonymous but if you ever plan to go on a real date, the truth will inevitably come out and boy, are you going to feel stupid saying that you speak 7 languages. So rein in the exaggerations.


Dating App Truthful Taglines