Why Women Don’t Make the First Move & Why They Should!

Two pairs of eyes lock across a crowded bar. A twinkle of a smile dances across her face. He accepts that as an invitation and moves in with a drink for her. This classic scene has played out across the world but rarely with the gender roles reversed. Why, you ask? Why?

Women Ask Men Out
  1. It’s a Test

Uh-huh, don’t you know women luuuurve tests? For men, that is. A man making the first move is in fact the Ultimate First Test. What a man does and how he does it will be used to evaluate his Dateability and should he pass this first test, the above info will be filed away for future reference Forever. Women do not forget Anything. Ever.

Women Ask Men Out


  1. Women are Too Smart to Put Themselves in a Vulnerable Position

Why are pawns usually the first to be moved in a chess game? Because he who moves first Dies. Hah, no, I’m kidding. I know nothing about chess. But it sure looks that way, doesn’t it? In the Battle of Dates, the one who moves first has already exposed himself as being Interested and immediately loses the Upper Hand. The woman is now in power because she knows…You Like Her More.

Women Ask Men Out


  1. Women Like to be Romanced

Did you not watch Casablanca? No? Okay, neither did I. But I hear it’s the Most Romantic Movie of All Time. I bet Ilsa didn’t pick up Rick then, and women don’t want to pick up men now. Sure, times have changed and women now excel in many arenas of life blah blah blah, but sometimes, we still just want to be swept off our feet and dance through the night.

Women Ask Men Out


But really, is that the best thing? I say No. Women should make the first move, and here are the only two reasons you’ll ever need:

  1. Making the First Move is Empowering

If you’ve ever sat around helplessly watching that guy you’ve had your eyes on all night walk away, you’ll know what I mean. Why regret not doing something after he’s gone? Sure, doing something could lead to rejection but all that really does is bruise your ego which you’ll get over soon enough. Hell, I bruise my ego all day long doing perfectly stupid things and I’m fine. I live in constant mortification. But I’m fine. So go on, talk to that guy. Take control of your own happiness and show me what a strong, independent, modern, and damn sexy woman you are.

Women Ask Men Out


  1. It’s So Rare that you Immediately Score for being Someone Different

Men hardly ever get picked up. I bet even George Clooney doesn’t. Hmm. Maybe not. But just as women feel flattered when someone hits on them, men do too, perhaps even more so since it’s incredibly rare. So straightaway, you’ve shown yourself to be someone who stands out from the sea of pretty girls waiting at the bar. Which guy wouldn’t love being pampered like this? Besides, if it doesn’t work out, you can move straight onto the next guy and probably work your way through Five Men that night instead of waiting hopelessly all night for One Man. So much more efficient. I like.

Women Ask Men Out




~ Li Ching (Who Tries Not to Walk into Furniture So Often)