Why Women Like Bad Boys (From a Guy’s Perspective)

When the term ‘Bad Boys’ comes to mind, it usually elicits 2 very different thoughts in the minds of many. It’s either the image of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence blowing up cars in Miami from the movie ‘Bad Boys’, or something along the lines of a young James Dean smoking a cigarette while riding a bike in jeans and a leather jacket. All these, well, are the classic Hollywood portrayals of bad boys.

What I like to call ‘everyday Bad Boys’, have certain characteristics that appeal to our female counterparts. It’s these characteristics that pique interest and create a certain mystery or an enigma that they can’t lay a finger on, which have women flocking to those bad boys.

1. He’s beaming with confidence and assertiveness


Let’s face it, a bad boy knows what he wants. His confidence in decision making and assertiveness in ensuring he gets what he wants exudes a charm that many can’t compare with. With that confidence, he walks the walk, talks the talk and certainly carries himself as though he owns the world.

The independence that he portrays, gives him the leverage at gaining the attention of any woman he commands. It is sometimes because of this that you see the competitive side of women, attempting to gain that bad boy’s attention over and above the competition. Talk about a cat-fight!

2. His confidence brings about a certain sex appeal


With his confidence in knowing what he wants, there’s definitely a sex appeal that follows. Not directly, but to a certain extent. It fits right into the psychological image of men as a species: aggressive and dominating.

Through the ages, men have been seen as the master of the house, the leader of men, the shot-caller. Their commandership can be seen as their way of ‘producing pheromones’. From Leonidas of Sparta to James Bond, these men embody that very idea of confidence with a sex appeal; that of which attracts the opposite gender.

3. He epitomizes the idea of being Rebellious


Conformity is not one of the words in his vocabulary. Rules are there to be broken. How others see him is important as that’s his image. His rebellious image.

Bad boys are those that go beyond the norm of society and push boundaries. In certain cases, that’s fine whereas others could very well land him behind bars. It’s all about striking the right balance that would help tilt the scale in his favour.

He’s not one to give in to the whims and fancies of others. At times, yes But more so than often, a bad boy knows what he wants and he will want to do it his way. He’s bad, but not as much a bastard.

4. He doesn’t care much for anything, except himself.


His self-confidence also comes with being self-serving and having that much of an ego. It’s that image of a lone wolf on the prowl that bad boys could be compared to. Out looking for women, getting into trouble and simply being a rebel is what fuels his image as a bad boy. He would tend to put himself ahead of others, feeding his desires and cravings. Though it may seem ridiculous as to how someone could find this sexy, I’d say to them ‘You’d be surprised and what others would give into for the rush and thrill of being with a bad boy’.

That, dear readers, would be a few points on why women like bad boys. It’s all about the thrill and excitement.

Stay safe, ladies!

– Brendan Chai