10 White Lies People Tell in a Relationship

Show me one person who doesn’t want honesty in a relationship and I’ll show you a liar. But is it really possible or even beneficial to have complete and utter honesty in one? The fact is people lie for many reasons. Lies to cover up a mistake or to be manipulative are certainly harmful to relationships while lies meant to be helpful or to protect someone’s feelings tend to nurture stronger relationships. Ideally of course, we all want to have rational partners who are immune to hurt and fully capable of understanding the importance of building a truly open and honest relationship where everything can and is discussed. Right. Was that the dramedy that got cancelled before it was released?

White Lies


White Lies Women Tell:

  1. What She Really Thinks of Your Friends

You think she loves having your best friend hang out at your house every weekend, watching soccer, drinking beer and leaving peanut shells all over the sofa because she adores him. Well…she must adore him.

White Lies


  1. How She Really Wants to Spend the Weekend

You went shopping with her the last 27 weekends so she feels she really ought to be supportive of the occasional bout of drunken soccer refereeing from the sofa.

  1. How Intense Her Previous Relationship Was

That old thing? No lah, it was bland. Really boring. Sure, she still has the occasional dream about him. But it was about him doing laundry.

White Lies


  1. How Often She Washes Her Clothes

You’ve always said she smells good. So why waste so much water? We all have a responsibility to save the environment. Go Earth!

  1. What They Talk About on Girls’ Night Out

Oh the bitching. My, my, the bitching. About you, your friends, your family, your dog, your snoring, your clothes, your bike. But of course, really, they spent all night talking about poor Sarah whose mother was in hospital again.

White Lies


White Lies Men Tell:

  1. What He Really Thinks of Your Cooking

He loves your Chocolate Pecan Chicken Stew. The diarrhoea? Oh no, that’s from the laksa he had for lunch. Probably bad coconut milk.

  1. What He Really Thinks of Your Outfit

You look really awesome in Any outfit. Any. Retailers should pay you just to walk into their shops and try on their clothes.

White Lies


  1. What He Really Thinks of Spending Time with Your Family

He LUURRVES your family. How could he not? They’re smart, funny, interesting and full of exciting ideas. Yawn. Where’s the TV remote? No, he’s not missing the PlayStation. Who cares about Grand Theft Auto when he could be surrounded by love and affection?

  1. How Often He Changes His Underwear

Only the dog sniffs at his underwear. The dog’s not complaining. So why waste so much water? We all have a responsibility to save the environment. Go Earth!

  1. How Often He Checks Out Other Girls

What other girls?

White Lies


~ Li Ching (Who Adores Her Husband’s Friends)