5 Ways to Find Love in the Chinese New Year

If you’re desperately (or even leisurely) seeking love, there’s no need to take a break even though it’s the Chinese New Year. In fact, with all the feasting and drinking going on, most people will be weak and fighting a food coma so it’ll be much easier to drag them home to your lair. Waving a piece of Bak Kwa might also tempt some eligible bachelors your way, provided of course that you don’t mind a little Man Belly. If you’re still lost for ideas, here are some other ways to ensure that you find love in the Chinese New Year.

  1. Declutter

The Chinese do spring cleaning before Chinese New Year not just because they’re obsessed about cleanliness and are not quite right in the head, but also because they believe it brings good luck. According to renowned Astrologist and Feng Shui Expert Ellen Whitehurst, decluttering the house also helps to draw anything new, such as a new partner. I was delighted to read this. It’s wonderful for all you singles looking for a new love but it’s even better for those of us who have found love. Just tell the husband you can’t spring clean this year or he could find himself replaced!

Love in the Chinese New Year


  1. Flower Power

Flowers used for decoration during Chinese New Year often have auspicious meanings. Orchids, for example, are a symbol for love and fertility, so planting a pot at home could bring you some luck in love. Do not try to meet men at plant nurseries though. Those men are likely to be married or gay.

Love in the Chinese New Year


  1. Shopping

Chinese New Year is a time for shopping. As is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Good Fridays, Thursdays, Saturdays, sometimes Wednesdays, and the occasional Monday. Shopping gives one a good opportunity to check out those of the opposite sex. If he’s buying a red/pink shirt, it shows he’s a traditional man, go and tell him he looks good. If he’s buying shabu shabu, he’s planning a healthy meal, go and ask him which cut of meat is the best for a steamboat. If he has a trolley of junk food and six pack abs, he must be a trainer, just give him your number and hope he’ll call!

Love in the Chinese New Year


  1. Family Power

Never doubt the power of kay-poh aunties. This Chinese New Year, harness these familial ties to bring forth new opportunities to meet eligible bachelors. Don’t be shy. Tell all the kay-pohs that you’re interested and looking. Grant them permission to invite cute men and you to their homes. Slip your phone number into Ang Pows and feel free to give them away.

Love in the Chinese New Year


  1. Orange Luck

This is absolutely my favourite. It’s a little complicated but I have much faith. According to Whitehurst, author of bestselling book, Make This Your Lucky Day, on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, you should get one Big Juicy Orange (I can’t account for what might happen if you have a pathetic shrivelled thing). Now this is the important part: hold it in both hands, close your eyes, and imagine yourself getting married to your perfect partner. Then throw the orange into a body of Moving Water while maintaining your Vision and Intent. Also, try to avoid getting arrested for littering. The water will carry away the orange with your wishes and one day soon, your true love will appear. I kid you not. This is Exactly how I found my husband.

Love in the Chinese New Year



~ Li Ching (Who Remains Grateful to the Big Juicy Orange)