Totally Non-Cliché Valentine’s Day Ideas

Tomorrow is V-lehchey.. I mean Valentine’s Day. Be it if you are in a relationship, or chasing someone, or single-and-ready-to-mingle, I really hope you have thought of a master plan for Valentine’s Day because, you know, no biggie, It’s Tomorrow.

For those who haven’t, don’t fret. There’s still hope to save the date, and to potentially become The Best Valentine Ever. You can throw away the idea of reusing your friend’s tricks last year – Yes, I know you are thinking of it. Here are some Totally Non-Cliché Valentine’s Day Ideas:

1. VDay Breakfast

Forget about lunch. Forget even more about getting a booking through for dinner. Go for the traditional, simple but still romantic Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Enjoy the fresh air, the natural sunlight (Ladies, it’s super good for selfies, just sayin’), and the non-crowded dining area.

The early bird always catches the worm, right?




2. Go Paktor.. Kampong-style!

WHAAAAT? You kidding me????????

I’m not. Expensive restaurants and comfortable ambience are totally cliché. You can do better. Bollywood Veggies is your sanctuary away from the Little Red Dot. A farm and a bistro, they offer a full farm tour and a cooking class and not to mention totally delicious kampong-style food. We are talking about banana curry, jackfruit lemak and acar fish.

The best part of it all? It’s $0 for entry. Guys, you hear me?




3. Drive-in movie

MovieMob is a free outdoor drive-in movie concept in Singapore. Watch a movie in the comforts of your car or under the stars in a picnic setting – Wah! Sounds romantic right? I never knew Singapore had enough land for this.




4. Double Dates

I call this Palentine’s Day, to celebrate the love between Pals. It’s always funner in a bigger group setting and there’s less of a pressure to impress your date. This doesn’t mean it’s any less romantic – just make sure your double date stays as a double date and not a triple, quadruple date. And of course, also make sure your partner is OK with this.



5. Malaysia, truly asssiaaaaa

Why cannot? Malaysia is after all, just a stone’s throw away. The bus ride is cheap, or if you want to drive in, just make sure to avoid the jam! Enjoy a short getaway from the city life, and the affordable cafés with good ambience and food.

Goodbye Singapore, you were fun while it lasted.



- Miss-I-Am-Thankful-To-Be-Skipping-VLehchey-Day-This-Year