Top 5 Reasons Coffee Dates Make Great First Dates

Coffee culture has never been as trendy in Singapore as it is today. EVERYBODY is trying to get a piece of that action, just look at Ronald McDonald. And why not? If coffee’s good enough to start your morning (carry you through your afternoon and keep you up all night), it’s good enough for a Great First Date. But if you’re not convinced, here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. It’s Popular
Coffee Dates make Great First Dates


I remember a time when the phrase “Café Hopping” would have left people scratching their heads and wondering if highly excitable rabbits were somehow involved. Today, Café Hopping is such a familiar buzzword in Singapore that there’s actually a whole website dedicated to it. Most people would probably find it an appealing notion so you score some points for being in the loop.


  1. It’s Versatile
Coffee Dates make Great First Dates

With so many new cafes popping up all the time, the sheer variety is mind-blowing and will cater to any kind of interest whether you love authentic exotic coffee, quirky fusion desserts or you just love to check out hipster joints with cool laidback ambience.


  1. It’s Cheap
Coffee Dates make Great First Dates

No one likes a cheapskate but it is the first date after all and being Singaporean, it certainly seems prudent to save up for the second, third, 10th wedding anniversary date, no? If your date happens to share your love of local Kopi, you can even bring her to Ya Kun and save even more!


  1. It’s Time-Flexible
Coffee Dates make Great First Dates

Order an Espresso. If you regret your date after five minutes, you can always chug your drink and end the date. If every word that comes out of your date’s mouth sounds like Yo-Yo Ma, you could sip like a connoisseur and order a Latte when you’re done. If you think you’ve found True Love, you can even say, “Coffee makes me hungry, let’s get Cake!”


  1. It’s Revealing
Coffee Dates make Great First Dates

Let’s put it this way: If you’re a Simple Kopi Boy, can you spend the rest of your life ordering Kopi-C Siu Dai Po Pua Sio Leng (thinner coffee with evaporated milk, less sugar and warm) for her? What if she doesn’t say “thank you” to the elderly coffee lady bringing her drinks, eggs and toast? What if she lifts her plate of half-boiled eggs to her lips and slurps noisily like a Japanese businessman eats his ramen? If all these make you swoon, you might just have met your soulmate!


Coffee Dates make Great First Dates
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