The Paktor Queen: The Empowered Female Entrepreneur

Today is International Women’s Day, and I’m writing this post because I feel strongly about the empowerment of women, not just those of the third world countries but women in general, everywhere they might be. Especially as a female entrepreneur, I believe that women should be empowered to do bigger things, and empowerment starts with ourselves.

A lot of people might have heard of who I am due to the sticky threads on Hardwarezone forums or maybe certain magazines or websites where you would have seen my photo or my resting bitch face in…. ALL ME =) From sweet and demure to the worst BITCH you’ve seen.

I am still trying to master that perfect demure smile that all photographers love so you would all have to patiently bear with my bitchy face at the moment and wait till I succeed in that smile (or get a top notch korean surgeon to be my best friend) =)

I digress… being the face of Paktor isn’t easy. I am surprised at how many people still truly believe in the objectification of women. Hence the post.

People have always asked me about Paktor; how it started, how it is now, why I started it etc etc. But not one of them has asked me what qualities does an entrepreneur possess? or how’s it like being a female entrepreneur in Singapore? or even what makes an entrepreneur tick? I shall now so humbly write everything down here since I’ve been wanting to share it with everyone about it (and yes i own this space too HAH !! )


  1. We learn to ADAPT

Running your own business is easy said no one ever. You become the Jill of trades. You morph into this person that can multi task. I kid you not.. my friends have seen the change. I can be on a skype meeting on my phone, be able to discuss over whatsapp with my team about some random marketing idea I just had and at the same time be running on the treadmill at Fitness First with my spotify playlist jamming in the background and asking my friend next to me to run faster. 18 hours in a day is not enough for any entrepreneur. So we adapt, we learn, we change to cope with this shortage of time. Multi tasking is an extremely vital skill that all entrepreneurs need to have.


  1. We DARE to GO FOR IT!!

Call us fearless, call us daring, call us bold. We are always up for a challenge and we will definitely bring our A game. Our careers are one of the biggest decisions in our life that we chose. Most of us ditched our desk jobs to start something we love doing and are passionate about. We think things through, we have a game plan and we weave our own happiness into it. Sometimes, our fearlessness and boldness are commonly mistaken as aggression. But we’re not aggressive females at all. We just put in more than 200% to get things done.


  1. We are BAD-ASS!



I adhere to every word that Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said. We entrepreneurs misbehave by just not conforming to the norm. You know the normal 9 – 5 pm desk job and after work it’s heading home, eating dinner, watching the news and then sleeping? Nope. Our lives are never a routine. We wake up each day to new surprises, adventures and experiences! We face different challenges and learn how to overcome them ourselves. Well I guess you can say we’re a BAD ASS Jill of all trades :)

  1. We NEVER play the victim.Untitled

We always know there will be something or someone who will attempt to jeopardise whatever we have going on, or even worse, try to screw us over. But you know what, we definitely know how to react and control the situation. Screw us over sure… we learn our lesson, get tougher, and we come back fighting stronger and harder than ever before. You will be feeling so sorry for yourself that you messed with us.


  1. We are our OWN investment.

We take pride in ourselves; from our career to the way we look or dress or even carry ourselves. We are always dressed appropriately and are definitely well prepared for any kind of social event. First impressions always count! We represent our ownselves and our own company. You may think that we’re high maintenance, but in actual fact we aren’t, we just know how to take care of ourselves without splashing heaps. We spend our own keep and are proud of it!


  1. We KNOW how to have fun!

It’s not just about all work and no play for us. You might see us sometimes at the hottest night joints with our girlfriends dancing the night away with champagne glasses in our hands. We enjoy spending time with our friends. Being goofy and having a good laugh. We love our drinks but we know our limits. We definitely know how to let our hair down and have a smashing awesome time…. and of course,  sometimes returning to work the next day with a terrible headache.


  1. We are PASSIONATE about what we do.

There will never be a day that we don’t feel like going into the office or let alone find it hard to roll out of bed to get ready for work no matter how late we slept the night before. We work 7 days a week without a single complaint cos we just LOVE what we do. And the best part of it all, the satisfaction and fulfillment at the end of a hard day’s work is priceless.


  1. We WANT to encourage others.

This I hold fervently close to my heart. I know of other females out there who have dreams. They go to bed at night thinking of the what ifs and the maybes, and imagine what would it be like if that dream was a reality. They wake up the next day and head to their desk bound job and dream of it after again and again. Make your dreams a reality. Get out of the vicious cycle and ignite your passion. There’s so much room for more female entrepreneurs in Singapore. We live in a country dominated by males. We females are equally or even more capable than some of them. We should show them what we’re really made of. Ignite your passion, draft a plan out and make your dream a reality. The Sky’s the only limit.

Being a female entrepreneur in Singapore is tough. We fight a constant battle everyday. We carve out our own career paths and inch further towards our goals with many setbacks. Although there are government grants and development schemes that are readily available for start ups, there’s still a lack of recognition for female entrepreneurs or even females in Singapore. I was truly blessed to be on Cosmopolitan, Her World and other media platforms. Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Females was a HUGE milestone for me as I was recognised for my efforts for building Paktor. And to be chosen as one of the top 12 females in 2014? How bloody awesome is that! It definitely propelled my motivation and determination to another level. We need more recognition for other females who are fighting their own battles everyday.

 UntitledCandid photo of Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Females 2014. Can you spot me?

Credits: Cosmopolitan Singapore

For more female entrepreneurs to emerge, there needs to be more recognition from the public for female entrepreneurs for the encouragement of others to fulfill a dream they have. It can all start with a friend or someone saying “I’m proud of you” or “Keep up the awesome work” A little goes a long way, and together we can shake up our society. Let’s make it happen!

#PaintItPurple #IWD2015 #WomensDay #MakeItHappen


The Paktor Queen (As my fellow HWZ-ers would know me by. HA!)

The Seven Deadly Sins for a First Date – Things guys should never do

Well, I never thought I’d ever relive the most horrible date of my life again. But in the interest of all the beautiful ladies (and men) out there…. I shall. Since this person had literally checked every single deadly sin a guy can commit on a first date.

As I’m writing this I still shudder at the absolute worst date so far after being on planet earth for 31 years. I will remember it till the day I leave planet earth and head to a really nice place called heaven (or hell.. you never know).

**All names have been changed to protect the innocent and the f***ing guilty!**

In the beginning of December 2012, Andrew, my JC mate/good friend decided to introduce me to his good friend Kyle over dinner at Robertson Quay. Andrew then was chasing a girl called Geraldine and decided that it would be best to do a double date since he also needed moral courage. Dinner went ok, except for the fact that he had 3 mobile phones that he kept on fiddling with at intervals. 2 for work and 1 for personal use. I vividly remember exclaiming out loud “EH YOU RUNNING AN MNC AH?!!” he seemed to have gotten the hint and touched his phones lesser after that. We didn’t exchange numbers and I didn’t think much about it.

BUT 2 weeks later, I received a whatsapp message from an unknown number. It went along the lines like this…

K: Hey Char! It’s Kyle? Sorry for late reply. Friday dinner? I date you.

Reply? What reply?? I wasn’t even the one who first messaged you…. I found it also puzzling that his first few sentences were made of 2 words or 4 words max. But I figured why not meet him since the group dinner we had did go ok and surely I could trust Andrew since he knew this guy really well.

Me: Hey Kyle what have you been up to since we last met? Sure Friday sounds good ! Let me know what time to meet :) Looking forward to it !

K: Ok. What do you want to eat?

Me: Anything but Jap! I just recovered from a stomach flu.

K: Ok! Let’s go Sun Moon Cafe at Wheelock Place..

Me: …But that’s Jap….

Deadly Sin #1 – Not listening


Are you deaf? Or do you only prefer the sound of your own voice?

And he didn’t reply after that.. so ok fine, I could still order cooked food even though it was a Japanese restaurant. The Friday came and I ditched my normal going out attire of shorts and t shirt and put on a dress and a pair of flats (I was afraid that I’ll bruise his ego if I wore heels cos he was my height! Come to think of it I should have just worn my 5 inch heels!!)

I reached Wheelock at 645pm and then my nightmare began..

K: Late.. At work drinks with my team. Be a bit late.. Rushing over in about 15 minutes..

Me: Ok. I go walk around ION, When you’re about to reach, let me know I’ll pop over to Wheelock.

*fast forward more than an hour later… at around 8pm

Deadly Sin #2 – Being late on a first date

YOU asked me out and you were 90 mins late. How am I late ???


K: Otw already. See you.

Me: Ok. I’ll walk over….

I thought he would be there at the restaurant already.. but no…

*fast forward another half hour – 830pm. I was getting very annoyed….

K: At Robert Timms downstairs. Come down.

So I made my way down. Only to see him smoking and talking on his phone. He gestured at me to sit down at this table. Yes I sat there with my patience wearing very thin while he continued to talk on his phone…

K: Eh you’re late! I already ordered food for you….

Deadly Sin #3 – Making Unintelligent (chauvinistic) assumptions

How do you know what I want to eat? You don’t even know me… AND I didn’t know you were psychic. Can you tell that I actually really wanna slap you with my shoe NOW?

I can tell you one thing…




He then started talking about what he actually does and his family (with my blood boiling) …. Our food arrived, He had actually ordered a salad for me…  SALAD?? DO I LOOK LIKE A RABBIT TO YOU ?? Then…

K: Eh i’m moving to Hong Kong to work soon, don’t worry we can do a LDR.

Me: What?

I stopped short, eyes opened wide and about to pop out of my head.

K: Yah you know Hong Kong so near, now budget flights so cheap, can la every fortnight you can fly up for the weekend.

Me: Uhhh…

K: I think 4 kids is enough for us. I am on a 5 digit salary now can support 4 kids should be enough.

Me: This is our first date, isn’t this too serious to talk about?

K: No leh, mai tu liao, we old already. Must chop chop….

Deadly Sin #4 – Insinuating that a girl is old… or that her body clock is ticking


CHOP SIMI CHOPPPPP?!! The only thing I wanna chop off is your head

Me: But I don’t even like you yet (not even close actually)…

K: DON’T WORRY !! You will surely like me… ALL girls like me one… just that I’m picky.

Me: I’m flattered, but I think in this instance it’s only one way and WILL remain that way…

K: Don’t worry, I can change your mind…

Deadly Sin #5 – Imposing your values on others



K: Eh I need to make a phone call… Eh shift the table, it’s not in line with the floor tiles…

Deadly Sin #6 – Not being gentlemanly

MOVE THE TABLE??? What did you just say??


I felt like stabbing him, I desperately needed to plan my “escape” before he returned from his call…

K: That was work, I have to make the money for us…. Eh let’s take a photo together to mark our first date..

and he conveniently took my phone that’s on the table… and started to take photos…

Deadly Sin #7 – Touching what’s not yours (especially a girl’s personal belongings)



Me: I have to go, my sister suddenly called me and she’s locked out of the house… I need to go home NOW…

(cut me some slack.. this was the best I could come up within that 1 minute….and if he had actually asked me about my family, he would have known that I don’t have a sister….)

K: So early…we can meet next week… oh this is for you… Merry Christmas…

He placed a Swarovski box in front of me. I muttered a word of thanks and said no thanks shoved it back to him (there was no way in hell I was gonna take something like that). He insisted that he walk me to the bus stop but I refused thank god his phone rang and I ran off…

So that ends one of the most horrible dates I’ve ever experienced. And Kyle… i hope you’re reading this… cos I’m pretty sure you need to.

So boys…. Just so you have it all in one place:


Now you have no reason to be damned.

xx The Paktor Queen


Vday Contest: Submit your love story and win AMAZING prizes!



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Submission guidelines:

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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants must submit their love stories in English in at least 300 words on HardwareZone Forum in the thread posted by The_Paktor_Queen and are required to fill up all fields in this form.
  2. Participants must be 18 years and above, and are limited to one entry only.
  3. The Contest will run from 2 January to 6 February 2014 and will close on 6 February 2014 at 23:59 hours (GMT+8). Any entry submitted thereafter shall not be entertained.
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  8. Collection of Prize is limited to the period of 12 February 2015 to 12 March 2015 only.
  9. Paktor shall, at its sole discretion, decide on the prize being offered for the contest and no objections/suggestions shall be entertained.
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  14. If you do not consent to any of the terms and conditions above, please do not participate in this Contest.

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BRING IT ON 2015!! 6 Lessons from 2014

2014 was quite a tumultuous year for me; I’m sure i’m not alone at this. I neglected myself totally, got my heart broken, tried to get in touch with a friend i haven’t spoken in ages only to find out he had passed from brain cancer a few weeks prior and of course, the ups and downs whilst working on Paktor. But amidst all this chaos, I found out how strong my support network was, how much my friends loved me and that if i kept believing in what Paktor was, somebody would take notice and believe in us.

As 2014 soon comes to a close, I have decided that I need to take myself the way I am, mould myself into what I want to be, and work on areas that I’m not happy with myself. Here are a few resolutions that I have put together for myself and hopefully you can find one or two that appeals to you.

  1. The Purge

The very first step is a huge spring clean. Nothing beats clearing out the old from your home. Start afresh! Rid all things that have been collecting dust, have no use and you have lost interest in. You need to rid the physical trash in your life first, as at the end of the day, you want to rest or work in a clean and healthy environment.


  1. Get back into shape

This is definitely one of my top priorities! In 2014, I ate unhealthily, gained 6kg and completely lazed myself away. Pick up a sport or join a gym. Fitness should always be a way of life. Getting into shape later won’t be easy. We are all in the prime of our lives so we should look like it!!

(After watching the Victoria’s Secret show, I was exclaiming to a close friend of mine that I was so inspired to workout harder to get a Victoria’s Secret Angel’s body.. his response to watching the Victoria’s Secret show was that it inspired him to get a girlfriend… @_@)


  1. Expand my social circle

Meet more people, go out and have fun! All work and no play makes anyone dull. It’s always good to meet more people. Especially for the single people out there, you never know who you’ll meet!


  1. Spend more time with my friends and those that matter

We always neglect this part when we’re in love or when we’re really caught up with work. These are actually the people that will help you fight your battles or come rushing to your aid when you call them at 3am in the morning. Spending time with them show that you care about them too!


  1. Believe more in myself

With Paktor, I did question myself sometimes if i was doing the right thing or if i was just chasing a pointless dream. But the funding by Vertex reassured me and made me think twice about all these doubts I had of my partners and myself. We all need to start believing that we can achieve great things in our lives. The world is always your oyster if you just believe!


  1. Leave the past in the past

Bad memories should be left behind and not always thought about. Yes, more than often we think about the what ifs or maybes; but what good will this do? What’s done is done. Let’s look forward and try not to repeat the actions that we have regretted. 


xx The Paktor Queen

Men are like waffles

I used to always think I knew men very well and that I completely understood them. But I was proven wrong after many heartbreaks and arguments with my ex boyfriends and even petty quarrels with my regular guy friends.

After starting Paktor and going thru much research, it was then that I totally realized that I didn’t understand the opposite sex much.  But if there was one important thing that I learnt and would like to share – Men, are like waffles.


The way men think is very different from women. Their thought processes are grid-like. We women, on the other hand, know how to multi-task. That is a proven fact and we know for another fact that men definitely can’t. Men think and focus in grids. They have to finish focusing with one particular subject first before they move on to the next; till then they are deaf to all other subjects. Now you know why when they’re on their Xbox, they will never respond to you, no matter how loud you yell or call their name. It’s not because they don’t care. It’s just the way their brain functions. They are built that way.


How can we try to overcome this?

1. Don’t bombard your man with too many questions at one time. They will still be stuck at the first and have no clue what the rest of the other questions were. It’ll just confuse them even further.


2. Try not to interrupt him when he’s in the midst of doing something, unless there’s a fire starting somewhere near you or your water broke.


3. Don’t link your conversations together or jump topics. Trust me, your man will be totally lost after your second topic as he’ll still be stuck on the first…. And if you were to ask him to repeat what you just said, he’ll most probably be totally clueless.


4. Last but not least, be patient. If you have a decisive personality like myself, patience is definitely something that needs to be cultivated somewhat. Patience is always a good virtue to have. Every relationship takes effort and your relationship will most certainly thank you for it!


xx The Paktor Queen