Ssshhh! Sometimes it’s Best to Keep your Mouth Shut.

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Dating can be a precarious thing, perhaps even more so for Asian dating as people tend to be more conservative, especially at the initial stages. At this point you’re a blank slate to each other and you’re still trying to make a good impression. You want to be honest but it’s too early to let ALL the skeletons out of your closet. Here are 8 things you definitely shouldn’t tell each other right away. Or ever.

  1. Anything related to personal hygiene, or more likely, the lack of.

“I don’t shower every day.”

“I haven’t washed my jeans since 1997.”


  1. Anything even vaguely incestuous.

“My mother breastfed me till puberty.”

“My father still crawls into my bed and reads to me every night (you’re legal to drive).”


  1. Anything overtly sexual.

“I have had 384 sexual partners.”

“I like anal sex. You mean you don’t?”


  1. Anything creepy.

“Some people call me a stalker. I really think that’s mean. I just like to follow people around. What’s wrong with that?”

“My twin died when we were born. I keep him in a jar on my table so I’ll never forget him.”


  1. Anything that shows you’re not ready to start dating.

“I still dream about my ex every night.”

“You look just like my ex. Hang on, I’m going to call her now and tell her all about you.”


  1. Anything that shows you’re not serious about your date.

“I love Paktor. I’m meeting new girls every day!”

“I’m only looking for someone to support my extravagant lifestyle. How rich are you?”


  1. Anything too personal.

“You know, I was a man for 25 years before I could afford to get a sex change operation.”

“I have a third nipple.”


  1. Anything sexist.

“I don’t think women should drive. It’s dangerous.”

“All guys think about is sex.”


Photo Courtesy: We Heart It