How to get on THAT Popular list on Paktor

Time flies.

It seemed like only yesterday that Paktor was launched and now it’s been a whole year (and more!) Many of you have come and gone, swiped and chatted, matched and dated.


One of our more recently launched features was the Most Popular user list and many of you have been asking how you can get on them.

We decided to do a bit of homework for you guys and hunt down these popular hunks and babes to find out their secret sauce.

On top of that, we’ll throw in some advice so that YOU can rise to the top of the dating game as well.

Sounds like a good deal? Then read on my friend, read on.

Disclaimer: Names and real photos have been withheld to protect our hot users who are already swamped...But if you’re really curious, I suggest you download Paktor and start swiping.
Top Personalities

Top Female Users

  1. Miss Model-Aspirant

You can’t miss this one. Her photos look like glossy portfolio prints. Her flawless make-up can only be matched by her highlighted tresses and runway outfit. She looks so perfect you wouldn’t dare to swipe right on her photo without going for a professional makeover first.

Tope Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I like visiting restaurants to try food I haven’t tried before…Cafes are nice too…We can chat and get to know each other better…I don’t really like alfresco dining, it’s too hot in Singapore! *laughs*

“No, I’m not really sporty…I’m more girly…I like shopping…Walking is also exercise right? Walking for a few hours can be very tiring!”

“No lah, I don’t take 2 hours to get ready to go out! Unless it’s a very special occasion.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Sometimes guys put very nice photos on the app but don’t bother to dress nicely when they show up for the date. It’s so weird! One guy showed up in slippers, and not the nice kind. He said it was okay for a café.”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“You look like a model! *laughs*

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

No one turns into one of these babes overnight. I know. I tried. Nearly succumbed to a mascara stick stabbing. Instead, I suggest you work harder, make more money and hire a personal dresser.

And a professional photographer.


  1. Miss Natural Girl-Next-Door

She’s a direct contrast to Miss Model-Wannabe with little or no make-up and clearly enjoys being dressed in comfortable but still presentable attire. Her photos are not glamour shots and may in fact include actual activities where she sweats or gets dirty.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I don’t mind trying different dates such as roller-blading at East Coast Park. I tried that once. It was quite fun although I probably fell more than I bladed! *laughs* I like a guy to be original and creative. But I like movies so although that’s a typical Singaporean date, I don’t mind.”

“I do like hawker food but maybe not for a first date. Too casual maybe? A date should be special, at least a little.”

“I like funny guys who make me laugh. Not that a guy shouldn’t be serious when it’s appropriate.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“It’s hard to tell anything about a person from just photos and a short description. You really don’t know what to expect. I can only look for someone who looks nice and friendly and pray I don’t meet a psycho.”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Unfortunately, we are not all natural born beauties who can strut around without makeup. But guys do like girls with a bit of interest and character so it pays to explore new activities and keep an open mind. Don’t forget to take some photos while you’re at it too!

Alternatively, you can work harder, make more money and go to Korea to enhance your natural beauty.


  1. Miss Cutie-Pie

You’ll recognise her by her cutesy poses with at least one finger near her face. She looks like a Japanese doll and may be hugging a Hello Kitty soft toy. She’s so adorable you want to bring her home to show your mum but you wonder when she’ll grow up.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I love soft toys! *laughs* I don’t know why but my friends love to buy me soft toys. That’s why I have so many. Of course I don’t buy all of them myself!”

“Selfies are great! I don’t have to wait for someone to take a photo for me. When I’m bored or waiting, I can take some for fun. My friends and I enjoy posting our selfies; it tells them what I’m doing at the moment too.”

“We don’t use the phone to talk. It‘s much faster to message but it can be distracting. Sometime I get hundreds of messages after I don’t check for a while. When I really need to work, I have to mute my messages.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Erm…okay lah, I think online dating’s fun. I usually get bored with the guy after chatting for a while. I don’t meet many of the guys. But it’s fun to swipe!”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“*laughs* Singaporeans don’t use pick-up lines lah! I can’t think of any!”

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Practice makes perfect. Try out your cutesy hand poses with your good friend, the mirror or a real friend who won’t laugh in your face. If it still doesn’t work out, hide behind a giant Hello Kitty soft toy and work its cutesy face to your advantage.



Top Male Users

  1. Mr Boy-Next-Door

This is by far the most common profile type on Paktor. There are a surprisingly large number of pleasant, earnest Singaporean guys who make the effort to post an informative range of photos that really gives you a glimpse into their lives and make you want to swipe right.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I like friendly, laidback girls who are open to different things. Not too fussy type.”

“*laughs* Yah, I do like girls with long hair, pretty mah. But can have, can don’t have lah.”

“Coffee is very important! Cannot get through my day without it! *Laughs*

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“I don’t like people thinking that online dating is only for desperate people. Actually there’re a lot of nice people you can meet online. Most people are just too busy to meet anyone so online dating is really useful. You can chat whenever you’re free so it’s very convenient. You may not end up dating them but can still be friends.”

Best Pick-Up Line Lines Heard:


“Hey. Hi”

“Hi Hi”

Because girls don’t need no pick up line game.


What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Take an obsessive number of photos of you doing just about everything. Borrow a cute dog to pose with if possible. Exclude anything that occurs in a bathroom.

Pick a good female friend with excellent taste to help you select the best for your Paktor profile.


  1. Mr Sportsman 

I don’t think this guy even requires a description. Bare torso – Check! Six-pack – Check! Tank top – Check!

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I like to work out…it doesn’t mean my girlfriend has to be the same. But it would be nice to work out together.”

“Appearances are important of course. So is health. Keeping fit lets me do the other things I want…like eat *laughs*…I like to eat.”

“I like movies, not just action ones…comedies are good.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Girls who don’t reply! *Laughs* At least can be polite mah…”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“I heard you’re looking for me…I’m Mr Right. *laughs*

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Only aspire to be this guy if you can endure a wait of at least 6 months for a girlfriend. Meanwhile, expect to be eating very little and spending a lot of time and money in the gym. Your trainer will become your new best friend (it’s the least he can do since you’re paying for his new car).



  1. Mr Frequent Flyer

The guy who seems to plonk himself in the most exotic locations around the world. You can’t help but recognise the different iconic backdrops and secretly wish that he brings you along with him.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“Travelling really broadens your mind and changes the way you look at the world around you and your own life. I would love to meet someone who shares the same enthusiasm for experiencing different cultures.”

“Photos help me to remember places I’ve visited. The world is so big, if I don’t return to the same place, at least I have these photos to remember them by.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Nothing. Online dating is perfect for our world today. It allows you to reach out to anyone. No one has to be restricted by geographical divides.”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“Sorry, I don’t use pick-up lines. They’re quite hard to pull off, aren’t they?”

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Find a new job that pays you to travel a lot for your work, or learn some advance photoshop module.

You could even travel to Jurassic park ;)



~ Li Ching (Who Now Feels Like Swiping Right)