What Your Paktor Photo Says to a Potential Match

I know, I know, it’s a sad, sad day when your ability to snag a potential match comes down to One Photo but that’s the superficial modern world for you. However, it’s not all gloom and doom for as it turns out, people are not just looking for gorgeousness (No, really, there IS hope). Your photo can reveal a ton of other personal information so read on and see how you can show off your better side(s). Work that kiasuism!

  1. Your Posture

Unless you’re the Commander in Chief (and probably not even then), there is no need to stand at attention! Stiffness and obvious discomfort in a photo are quickly associated with introverts while a relaxed open posture with body and feet facing the camera are linked to an extroverted personality. A candid shot portraying you in the midst of an activity (poised to kick a soccer ball; poised to bite into a humongous burger) may be even better since it reveals one of your interests (no one can fault you for enjoying our Number One National Activity).

What you Photo says to a Potential Match
  1. Your Expression

It is shocking what people associate with a smile. Smilers are perceived to be friendly, outgoing, sincere, interesting, confident, intelligent and more likely to become President (although why anyone intelligent would want to become the President eludes me). You can assume the worst with everyone who doesn’t smile.

What you Photo Says to a Potential match
  1. Your Facial Features

While some might argue that there is little one can do about facial features (not Jim Carrey; Jim Carrey could singlehandedly End the cosmetic surgery industry), knowing what potential matches are looking for could help you to enhance those features you have. Men tend to look for women with bigger eyes and fuller lips but smaller chins and softer jawlines. In contrast, what women look for fluctuates based on the kind of relationship they’re seeking: short versus long-term. The former prefer more masculine features such as chiselled cheek bones, a strong jawline and more facial hair, while the latter prefer men with softer features. Hmm.

What your Photo says to a Potential Match
  1. Your Dressing

The outfit makes the man, or even the woman in this case. How you dress can possibly say 327 things about you: you’re sloppy; you’re a conformist; you’re artistic; you’re very serious; you’re materialistic; you’re a spendthrift; you have no taste; you like laksa and just had it for lunch; you’re colour-blind. So dress carefully, are you revealing something about yourself you’re not ready to do?

What your Photo says to a Potential Match
  1. Your Companions

While most would recommend a solo dating app photo, it doesn’t hurt to have a few with company since most apps now allow you to upload several photos. Having only solo photos might even be counter-effective. What? No life ah? Inserting some photos of you having fun among your friends and enjoying cosy moments with your family can be very appealing to those looking for a long-term relationship. Or someone who just doesn’t want to spend every weekend in front of the television set.

What your Photo says to a Potential Match


~ Li Ching (Who Enjoys Friends)