Men are like waffles

I used to always think I knew men very well and that I completely understood them. But I was proven wrong after many heartbreaks and arguments with my ex boyfriends and even petty quarrels with my regular guy friends.

After starting Paktor and going thru much research, it was then that I totally realized that I didn’t understand the opposite sex much.  But if there was one important thing that I learnt and would like to share – Men, are like waffles.


The way men think is very different from women. Their thought processes are grid-like. We women, on the other hand, know how to multi-task. That is a proven fact and we know for another fact that men definitely can’t. Men think and focus in grids. They have to finish focusing with one particular subject first before they move on to the next; till then they are deaf to all other subjects. Now you know why when they’re on their Xbox, they will never respond to you, no matter how loud you yell or call their name. It’s not because they don’t care. It’s just the way their brain functions. They are built that way.


How can we try to overcome this?

1. Don’t bombard your man with too many questions at one time. They will still be stuck at the first and have no clue what the rest of the other questions were. It’ll just confuse them even further.


2. Try not to interrupt him when he’s in the midst of doing something, unless there’s a fire starting somewhere near you or your water broke.


3. Don’t link your conversations together or jump topics. Trust me, your man will be totally lost after your second topic as he’ll still be stuck on the first…. And if you were to ask him to repeat what you just said, he’ll most probably be totally clueless.


4. Last but not least, be patient. If you have a decisive personality like myself, patience is definitely something that needs to be cultivated somewhat. Patience is always a good virtue to have. Every relationship takes effort and your relationship will most certainly thank you for it!


xx The Paktor Queen