Makeover For Men – A Hairy Affair



In this new year of new beginnings, we start off by heading back to the basics of grooming while presenting to you the new trends for 2015.  In this article, we look at managing one of the often-neglected vital assets of a man – their hair. Not just the ones on our head.

Man your mane

Starting from the hair on top, here are 5 trendy styles to adopt in 2015:

1. Short Sides + Brushed Up Top


This is a quick slimming solution for guys with round faces. An illusion of a longer face is created with the top lengthening the overall face shape and the sides cropped to reduce volume that rounds the face further.




2. Short Sides + Fringe


This hairstyle is great for hide-and-seek.

It works fantastic as it instantly conceals high or wide foreheads! Besides, hairstyles with bangs bring youthfulness to a look. Who says men can’t hide their age too?




3. Keep it all short



Bless the men with square-shaped faces.

An easy-to-maintain stylish haircut goes to none other than this hairstyle – Short sides and approximately 1-1.5” of hair on top; creating a slight volume to lengthen the face.




4. Tousled Medium Length Hair



Looking for something longer?

This messy out-of-bed look is a good way to create volume for guys with fine or thin hair. The art of this look is to style it masculine yet sophisticated. Ditch the brushes and use your fingers to achieve the effect.






5. Slick + Side Part Business Casual



Let’s agree that ladies will drool anytime to this suave look.


A classic style with a modern attitude works like a charm for a man serious at work. Best of all? It fits for every face shape. Matching with a modern suit and smart attire seals the deal.




Next, let’s go a little further down, to hair that frames the face.

If Eyebrows Could Talk

What will your brows say if they could talk?


Just think, your eyebrows are one of the most expressive features so when you define them, you define your expressions. Then, if eyes are the windows to your soul, the brows would be the frames. Not convinced?

Missing something? There are more of them here for a good laugh. Once you are done laughing, this may be a good time to pick up your phone and make an appointment with your nearest brow therapist to get yours done. Yes men, we are not even giving you any guidelines here. So, please seek the help of professionals before you attempt any brow rectification.

Coming to the final point in this article, and the most important, and the often unsaid, we are moving onto peek-a-boo nose hair.

Pay attention to the details

This is likely the last thing you would want to hear from a lady.

A well-groomed gentleman takes note of fine details like his nose hair and keeps them in check daily. Invest in a nose trimmer if necessary. There is hardly anyone who may be brave enough to point out when it sticks out. That being said, we shall not go on any further about the unsightly strand of hair.

In the animal kingdom, a male lion needs its distinctive mane to show his magnificence and prowess. For a man living in this concrete jungle, he will definitely need his tresses to be well-maintained to show who’s the boss.

So, keep your hairs in check in 2015.

- Kyla Tan, Certified Image Consultant for GaiGai