He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not: 10 Body Language Signals Decoded!

They say women are a mystery. WHHAAAT? Must have been men who said that. At least we women communicate right? Okay, sometimes we don’t make much sense. Okay, sometimes we’re a little loud…screechy. Men, on the other hand, are like…Come again, did you say something? No, it was just a…fart. Never mind, let us employ our astute powers of observation and decode men on a first date using these Body Language Signals.

  1. The Head Tilt

Congratulations! The head tilt is a clear sign of interest and engagement. It is the equivalent of a mini lean towards you which demonstrates that he is paying attention, and is usually coupled with a smiling gaze.

Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Eyebrow Flash

A quick lift of the eyebrows indicates that his curiosity is piqued and he is interested in you. Raising the eyebrows allows our eyes to take in as much of what is in front of us as possible. Hence you hardly ever see raised eyebrows in a classroom of students (unless they are being taught by Bad Teacher – Cameron Diaz).

Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Flared Nostril

I know. This one just sounds bad. Maybe his nose is blocked and he’s just trying to get more oxygen huh? But it can indicate an increased heart rate which could mean excitement and is also the body’s unconscious desire to appear more “open” and consequently attractive to a mate.

Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Smile

Let’s put it this way – If he’s not smiling, you’re in trouble. But can you tell the difference between a polite social smile and a heartfelt one? It’s all in the wrinkles, baby. A fake smile stops at the lips while a genuine one will make the corners of his eyes crinkle into crow’s feet.

Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Look

As your date warms up, you should find him holding your gaze for longer periods of time. If he’s checking out his phone a lot or looking around the room…Next!

Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Hair Preening

Brushing his hands through his hair is a classic preening gesture (See? Men and women are not that different). Men with moustaches or beards may also touch them unconsciously. He wants to look good for you and he’s not hiding it!

Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Posture

Yep it’s true. We can’t help our bodies. We want what we want. A man interested in you will tend to point his body towards you. Standing or sitting with his legs wide apart (ah-hem) is also an attempt to look sexy and attract you.

Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Lean In

Is he moving in? In a normal conversation, a comfortable distance between 2 people is about 0.5 metres. Any closer than that would indicate that he’s either:

  1. a creep
  2. attracted to you
  3. a creep who’s attracted to you


Men's Body Language on a First Date
  1. The Voice

If he lowers his voice and speaks softly to you, he’s sending a clear signal that you have a special bond and his words are meant only for you. This also allows him to lean closer to you and create a cosy twosome that excludes all others.

Men's Body Language on a First Date

10. The Touch

Touching is, by far, not only the most obvious signal of interest but also a man’s way of staking his claim to others. He touches your arm as he laughs at what you say; He brushes a hair out of your face; He puts his hand on your back to guide you across a busy street. If all these give you a warm thrill, you know the feelings are mutual. So go ahead, reciprocate!

Men's Body Language on a First Date


~ Li Ching (Who Enjoys Laughing)