Dos & Don’ts on How to Make Friends Online

Asian dating apps such as Paktor may be the savior for socially-challenged folks everywhere. It takes real bravado (or 3 glasses of wine) to walk up to a perfect stranger and say hi. It takes much less (only 1 glass of wine) to message hi on your mobile app. It’s so much easier to make friends this way that you can even message and drink wine at the same time (as long as you’re not driving). But starting a conversation can be daunting in itself. How to make friends online?What does one say to a perfect stranger? Is there such a thing as the perfect first line? We say no. Let’s be realistic. There is no perfect anything, except Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and we all know that they’re androids created to screw with our minds. But we will not give up hope; we will try and try or die trying (hopefully not).

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  • Say “Hi!”, “Hello!”, “What’s up?” Everyone ignores such generic openings unless the speaker is a Greek God/Goddess.
  • Use sexual innuendo in your opening lines. You’ll scare most people off. Even those looking for friends with benefits might need a little warming up banter.



  • Be Creative if you want attention in today’s world where people are bombarded with information constantly. So crack your brains and come up with something that everyone else isn’t already saying. It could be random, quirky or even slightly weird but as long as you pique someone’s curiosity, there will be a response. That is your first step through the door.


“Do you have pet insurance?”

“It’s near closing time and the only desserts left on the buffet table are a macaron and a slice of cheesecake, which would you go for?” (If you’re going after a Singaporean, this will nail it.)


  • Use the Photo your match posted and come up with a funny or interesting caption, question or comment.


Photo of a girl with a Chihuahua: “I was a Chihuahua in my previous life. What’s your Chihuahua’s name? We could have been soul mates.”

girl with chihuahua - we heart it


  • Be Sincere if you don’t think you’re a particularly funny person. Go through the photos and personal info provided by your match to look for Common Ground / Shared Interests to talk about. Generally a longer opening line is more likely to garner a response as your match will be flattered that you bothered.

“Hi, I noticed that your photos are mainly taken outdoors. Do you enjoy outdoor activities? I love cycling and jog regularly. It’s such a relief after being cooped up in an office all day.”


  • Ask Questions. Everyone loves talking about themselves. After all, it’s the one subject we’re all experts at. Once the floodgates are open, it’ll be easier to continue the conversation.

“Hi, you mentioned that you enjoy watching movies, which are your favourites? I would love to get some recommendations!”


So apply these tips and see if they help make conversations smoother for you. Even if they don’t, take heart that the more conversations you start, the more likely that someone will eventually respond!


Photo Courtesy: We Heart It