7 tell-tail signs to help you find a man who can make you a proper sandwich

Once upon a time, it was well known that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Today in sunny Singapore where the good life equates to the foodie life, the way to most people’s heart is through the stomach.

Not only do we eat our way to all parts of the island, we have taken our kitchens by storm, replicating the food we love by scouring best recipes online (bless the Internet). So how can we identify a good catch based on his cooking habits? Here’s a quick look at how you can choose your man from the food he cooks.




  1. He only cooks Maggi Mee.

Ah Maggi Mee…we’ve all had our love affairs with this one. Curry – that’s my all-time favourite. But that was then and this is now. If your man is still eating Maggi Mee exclusively when there’s Koka, Nong Shim, Nissin, Indomie, Prima Taste, My Kuali (!!!), well, I can only say…Y A W N. Variety is the spice of life and food AND love. I say it’s time to seek a more interesting man.



  1. He has his Name Embroidered on his Personal Apron.

Do I need to mention the chef’s hat in the pantry, the full set of knifes, and the pasta maker? If you’re so lucky to be invited into this kitchen, you would never want to leave. He’s someone who’s taken his passion about food to the highest level and believes in putting in effort where it counts. If he feels the same way about you, you’re one lucky woman. Even if he dumps you, beg to be his friend so you can still hang around his kitchen. No, seriously.



  1. He can make 13 kinds of salad.

I can add salad dressing to lettuce and tomatoes. Clearly, he cares about his health. If you feel the same way, you can probably live together with him for eternity. But if you’re more of a junkie girl, his habit of counting calories will probably drive you nuts, figuratively of course.



  1. You can’t recognise half of what you eat in his kitchen.

Adventure is his middle name. He probably loves travelling, eating exotic foods and meeting strangers. He is open-minded and curious about the unknown. If you feel nervous when someone moves your stapler to the far end of the table, he is probably not your kind of guy.



  1. He has a pet name for his microwave.

Personally, I love my microwave. There is no shame in loving gadgets that make your life easier, especially when you’re hungry. Pet names though, might be crossing a line. This is one lazy dude. If you have ever dreamed of having breakfast served to you in bed, forget this guy. He probably expects YOU to warm up his Microwaveable Mac & Cheese dinner!



  1. He gets lost looking for the kitchen.

What kitchen?

Unfortunately this is all too typical of many guys who grew up well fed and doted on by loving, indulging mums/domestic helpers. So is this guy screwed? Not really, as long as he listens to his mum’s advice to find a nice girl who cooks and cleans. Apply only if that’s who you are.




~ Li Ching (Who knows Exactly where her Stapler is)