Dating Tips to Love Safely

You’ve swiped and swiped and finally Mr Seems-To-Be-Right has popped up on your radar. Love is in the air and you’re tempted to throw caution to the wind and your senses out the door but wait, wait, your Inner Mama Voice is buzzing and as irritating as it is, it doesn’t hurt to listen. Pay attention to these Safety Dos and Don’ts when you’re meeting your online dates to spare your poor old Mama a heart attack!

Dating Safety Tips


  • Provide only your mobile phone number so your date cannot easily track your home address. A surprise home visit is fun only when it isn’t Freddy Krueger at the door.
  • Give your family and friends* a head’s up about where you’re going and when you expect to be done. (*Not your beer buddies who would forget you after their second beer)


Dating Safety Tips


  • Meet in a public place with lots of people* around (*again, Sober people who can actually recognise the difference between an energetic dance and fighting off an attacker).


  • Use your own / public transportation to get to and from the date so you don’t reveal your home address.


  • Keep your personal items (purse, wallet, phone, keys) with you at all times.


  • Arrange for a friend to give you a “rescue call” mid-date so you can execute a quick exit (always helpful whether you’re dating Hannibal Lector or just a Snooze-ball).


  • Leave at any time if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, for example, your creepy date can’t stop staring at your butt / touching you / asking bizarrely personal questions / farting.


Dating Safety Tips



  • Leave your drink unattended. (Hello? Haven’t you watched any serial murder movie this year?)


  • Get drunk. Leave that for girls’ night out.


  • Feel embarrassed about your behaviour if you feel threatened or pressured in any way. Remember that what your date thinks of you is much less important than your safety.


Photo Courtesy: We Heart It