Dating Tip Alert: 10 Reasons to Date a Geek (Before They’re All Snapped Up!)

Men are not all the same. No, really. We love to slam them collectively as a gender because, well, it’s really funny.  But seriously, they’re not all the same. There are serious men, funny men, hot men, stupid men, men who are really women, and the list goes on. I can’t talk about all of them in one article so this one’s about The Geek and why you should definitely consider dating him.

1. Geek is the New Sexy

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2. Geeks are Loyal

If you have ever known a Geek, you know commitment/obsession is their prevailing trait. Of course when the object of their desire is Lord of the Rings, you just want to murder them in their sleep but just imagine if it was YOU. Uh huh.

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3. Geeks are Useful

Most geeks are pretty tech-savvy. Sure, girls can be tech-savvy too but there’s no harm in having a backup on the days you just don’t feel like crawling under the table to deal with the CPU.

4. Geeks are Intelligent

This is one guy who can actually hold a conversation with you about the world. Sure, if he’s a LotR Geek, he may steer every conversation towards middle earth but at least it could be interesting to talk about how Obamacare would never work there.

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5. Geeks have Awesome Memory

If he can remember every line in Star Wars, you can bet he’ll remember your birthday and your favourite flowers, as long as you tell him while dressed as Princess Leia.

6. Geeks are Abundant

Fortunately (for us), Geeks are sorely under-rated in the men market, being the equivalent of sardines next to the salmon. But hey, sardines are actually one of the healthiest foods around so give that Geek a chance!

7. Geeks are Successful

Bill Gates. Enough said. (Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. Really, stop.)

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8. Geeks Don’t Hog the Bathroom

Have you ever met a Geek who uses a face cream? No? Neither have I. No more mornings spent elbowing each other in front of the mirror while you try to put on your face for work.

9. Geeks are Easy to Shop for


10. Geeks are Real

Geeks are true to themselves. It’s not like they don’t realise they can get weirdly obsessive about things but it’s something they’ve been tortured for since young and they’ve matured into the kind of adults who can accept who they are. They will not change just to be popular. Now why wouldn’t you love such courage?

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Photo Courtesy: We Heart It