Dating Slang? Use Singlish Lah!

We Singaporeans love our Singlish and who can blame us? If there was ever a more succinct efficient language, it would be hard to find. Why waste more words and time when we could be busy Making Money right? So Singlish is all pervasive, being used by everyone from the kopi-kia at the kopitiam to lawyers (ok, I presume, not in a courtroom) with their doctor friends. So how can we possibly siam Singlish when we are dating? No way. Here are some true blue Singlish Dating Slang you must know before you go on your next Paktor or discuss your Paktor life with your buddies.

  1. Whatever Lor / Anything Lor

This is the classic Man Trap that has ensnared many Singaporeans over the years. Don’t say I didn’t warn you first. Here’s a classic example to show you how it works:

Man: Darling, what you want to makan for dinner?

Woman: Anything Lor.

Dating Slang

Man: Ok, Popeyes?

Woman: Oh Hell No!

Dating Slang

What You Should Do:

Expect the Expected and patiently list all her favourite foods that you can think of. Do not lose your cool.


  1. Chio Bu

“Chio Bu” originates from the Hokkien dialect and is commonly used to refer to a pretty girl:

Man: Wah, check out that Chio Bu coming out of Macdonald’s…

Dating Slang

Buddy: Forget it lah. You not at her level one.


  1. Pang Seh

“Pang Seh” is a Hokkien term that refers to the act of someone not showing up for appointments/dates:

Man: I very sad leh. Chio Bu Pang Seh me again!

Dating Slang

Buddy: I told you already. Chio Bu all like that one. Next time date a 6 can already, don’t date a 9 lah!


  1. Stead

“Stead” can be used to refer to a girlfriend/boyfriend or to the act of dating:

Man: Hey, want to be my Stead?

Woman: … …

Dating Slang


  1. Sian

“Sian” is a Hokkien word (yep, we Singaporeans love Hokkien!) that can refer to a range of emotions such as boredom, weariness, or frustration:

Man: Wah lau eh, after 2 weeks stead with my girl, now very Sian already. How?

Dating Slang

Buddy: Wah piang eh, get a new stead lah!



~ Li Ching (Who Luurves Singlish Lor)