Giving GaiGai a Chance!

So a while back I downloaded this app called Paktor and went on a disastrous blind date. You might have read about it here. Needless to say, my venture on Paktor put me off dating apps for quite a while. And also made me sort of lose hope in the future of humanity.


But the great people at Paktor have developed launched a new offline dating agency! Called GaiGai, the agency organises a wide range of events for you to expand your social circle and have fun while doing so. So because I’m admired for both my extraordinary beauty and immense courage, they invited me to try it out..


So I was given a range of events to choose from – from fine dining on a boat, to meet-ups at cafés. But I opted for a round of drinking games at The Papa Shop. My rationale was that alcohol would loosen everyone up, make the atmosphere a little less awkward and hopefully a bit more conducive to hold conversations.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-3190-1390507379-4(Via Buzzfeed).

And I guess it kinda worked. The event was very well facilitated and I think that everyone had fun and I made quite a few friends that night. In case you guys feel like signing up for some GaiGai meetups, I thought I’d share some takeaways that I got from this event.

#1 Everyone wears black.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-23220-1384889168-62(Via Buzzfeed).

Well, I don’t know if this was purely coincidental, or if people naturally steer towards black outfits. My theory is that everyone who attended this event was secretly an antisocial introvert mourning for the sudden loss of their stay-in Saturday. My friend’s theory is that black is more figure-flattering. Hah. I wished that worked on me.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-24599-1419703600-8(Via Buzzfeed).

But seriously, everyone was in black. Except for me. I was colourfully dressed in pink and blue because I was marking the 2 week death anniversary of my fighting fish. My fighting fish was blue and pink. He led a very comfortable 5 day long life. Yes. I have issues with letting go. Possibly one of the reasons why I’m single.

anigif_enhanced-27653-1398187987-13(Via Buzzfeed).

But yes, if you want to fit in with the hoi polloi, do remember to wear black.

374896-baby-farm-animals-hay-howd-i-get-to-be-the-odd-duck-out(Via stuffpoint).

#2 Show your enthusiasm.

The great thing about GaiGai is the variety of events you can choose from. Though most of them are food-related (because, you know, it’s Singapore and we love our food) I also noticed other non-food activities such as laser tag and prawning in the June calendar of events.

image(Via MemeCrunch).

Regardless of which activity you sign up for, I think it’s important to be enthusiastic. If you’ve paid for an experience, you might as well make the most of it, no? Say you signed up for drinking games, it would make the most sense (economical sense in particular) for you to participate in all the games and drink your fill. No point holding back and let other people take your turn right? Besides, it’s kinda awkward for the people watching too.

Conan-Desk-GIF(Via The Gloss).

Or maybe it’s just me. I get awkward far too easily for my own good.


#3 Be friendly.

If I understand correctly, the point of GaiGai is meeting other singles and possibly matching with someone of the opposite gender whom you might want to spend more time with. So don’t leave straight after the event! Hang around and talk to everyone. It’s hard to get to know someone well in a short span of say, 2 hours. That said, you shouldn’t spend your time hiding in the corner gossiping with just one of your newly made friends.

anigif_optimized-26095-1432855101-10(Via Buzzfeed).

Sit at the table with other people. Hang out. Have fun. Your new friend of the same gender can wait.


#4 Prepare to stay back.

Well, I can’t speak for all the events, but the GaiGai event that I went for was really fun and the people were great. So what this means is that you’d want to hang out for a bit after the official activities are completed.

anigif_mobile_14234a19e34cd0853ad30cadea9c72d3-20(Via Buzzfeed).

Don’t be a wet blanket! Stay back and interact with your new friends. It’s to my knowledge that most people aren’t weird and strange.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-19231-1419700368-15(Via Buzzfeed).

 I said most.


#5 Optimism helps.

I realise that not everyone has the best of luck when it comes to finding someone whom you like to spend time with. Your non-existent love life is fuelled by your pickiness, numerous character flaws, and your inexplicable knack of running into horrible guys.

MjAxMS1iNzIzM2FmNmUzZTIwMDkx(Via someecards).

But you know, head up and just keep an open mind. I can’t say that I’m sure you’ll find someone someday, but I’m sure you can have fun while doing so.


Brought to you by: Jac aka @behindthebasics. 

Jac spends most of her free time wondering what she is doing with her life. Apart from finding a cure for cancer, achieving world peace, and saving the universe with her superpowers of course. Oh and shopping!
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6 Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You

I know right? You’d think by now this should be on our fingertips. After all, men are hardly as wily or as confusing as women. So they say. I think it’s just a ploy to get us to let our guards down. Damn they’re good. But no more! Here’s the definitive guide to figuring out if that guy likes you. Unless he’s a Player. Damn.

  1. He Touches You

Uh-huh. Let’s just get right to it. If a guy likes you, he’s already moved 6 steps ahead and is imagining you naked. Who am I kidding? That’s probably the next step. But this is not the Dark Ages and he can hardly drag you home by your hair so he has to settle for a hand on your arm, a nudge of your shoulder, you know…socially accepted norms.

  1. He laughs

Who wouldn’t be in a good mood around someone he adores? You may be no Tina Fey but hey, suddenly everything you say is smart and amusing, probably because he’s listening to you for once. Law of the Universe: Men only listen to people they like, provided they’re not married.

  1. He’s a Tease

Yep that thing you secretly love, that allows you to slap his arm because you want to touch him too. Feel free to tease him right back. What’s the difference between someone being mean to you because he has a chip on his shoulder and someone teasing you because he likes you? The Smile.

  1. He’s Fussing Over his Appearance

When it comes to grooming, men have no standards (by our standards). If his shirt is food stain-free and he is recently showered, that is probably good enough for him. If you find a man asking for fashion advice and changing his look, you can bet your money that he’s in love. A quick scan of the horizon should reveal the object of his desire.

  1. He Can’t Stop Looking at You

You catch him staring at you all day long. Sometimes he turns away, embarrassed; other times he smiles and holds your gaze. You’re starting to feel stalked. Calm down, the man’s in love with you.

  1. He Ditches his Pack

While there are many lone wolves out there, many men also move in packs like women. But a guy in love will be eager to ditch his pals for his True Love since any opportunity to spend time with you improves his chances of finding love.


~ Li Ching (Who is as Confusing as They Come)

Study Says- Get Your Date’s Attention: Focus On Eyes & Smile

A study based on the survey of 1,000 men shows that the first thing that draws the attention of a men of a woman is her eyes. This is probably contrary to what you may think – that a man is more interested in the feature that’s further down. But his gaze does wander down south next – we’re talking about the woman’s megawatt smile. This is followed by a glance at her breasts.

First Date1

The next on the list are hair, overall weight, and then legs. This is followed by the dress sense, and then the skin.

However, the study shows that tall girls have their height noticed first, before the man focuses on her eyes.

Predictably, though, his gaze does wander south next, taking in the lucky lady’s dazzling smile before an appreciative glance at her breasts. Only then is our Romeo likely to notice her well-coiffed hair and consider her overall weight before eyeing up her legs.

For women, the same features – eyes and smile – catch their attention too. The third and fourth on the list are height and hair. Next: dress sense, weight, skin, face shape, bottom and nose, which is probably good news for most men, because it means you can invest in a good wardrobe to quickly improve your affinity with women.

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7 Scientifically-Proven Physical Attributes That Attract Men. You Don’t Need To Be Born With Them

Whether you have a beau you want to impress or want to up your chances at the dating scene, you’d want to read these scientists-backed tips!

  1. Rule #1: Wear makeupAttributes1

A man may say he prefers “natural, no makeup”, but like Calvin Klein once said: “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”

An experiment by social psychologist Nicolas Geuguen had two young women sit in a bar in France. In one scenario, they have makeup on, and in another, they only cleansed and moisturised their skin. At the bar, they waited for men to approach them for a chat and then declined them, giving the excuse that their friends were joining them soon.

This experiment was repeated for 60 one-hour periods in two different bars. The results? When the women weren’t wearing makeup, the first man approached them after an average of 23 minutes, and then the rate of being hit on was 1.5 times per hour.

With makeup on, the first man tried to chat up with them after 17 minutes, and the rate of being hit on increased to two times per hour.

  1. If you have limited time for makeup, focus on the eyesAttributes2

In another study, researchers seek to find out which components of makeup are most attractive to men. It found that eye makeup has the most impact, followed by foundation.

  1. If you have more time, go for red lipsticksAttributes3

Scientists at Manchester University used an eye movement tracking software and found that in the first ten seconds after being introduced to a woman, men tend to spend more than five seconds looking at her lips, especially if she was wearing red. This is regardless of the shape of her lips.

  1. Choose brown for hair dyeAttributes4

A poll on 2000 men by social network site Badoo found that men prefer brunettes. This survey studies the features that men find most attractive in women, and one third of the respondents said they find brown hair most attractive, while 28.6% said they liked black – this means that almost 60% of men indicated a preference for dark-haired women. Just FYI, 29.5% preferred blondes while 8.8% liked redheads.

  1. Avoid the half-up hairstyleAttributes5

You probably already knew that hair is an important part when it comes to leaving a great impression on your overall appearance. According to a recent study by Pantene, 87% of men said that it is.

In an interview with Steve Ward, a professional matchmaker and host of VH1′s Tough Love, with Daily Makeover, he said that a half-up hairstyle isn’t popular with men, a loose ponytail can look like you’re not bothered with your hair, whereas a tight, slicked-back ponytail can look intimidating.

As for hair that men love: wild curls that allows you to show off your neck and collarbone. Loose waves are another casual but glamorous look that Steve Ward approves.

  1. Wear enhanced colour lensesAttributes6

A study by University of Toronto looked into the relationships between facial measurements and attractiveness. In this study, researchers found that men found women with thick, dark limbal rings in their eyes more attractive. These are dark rings around the iris of the eyes. These rings usually fade when you get older or if you’re ill, so it offers an indicator of youth, which is probably why men are primally attracted to women with prominent limbal rings. There are cosmetics contact lenses in the market that help enhance the limbal rings, so even if yours aren’t obvious, you can cheat with them  ;-)

  1. Don’t wear the same perfume as his exAttributes7

According to a poll by Glamour magazine, which also worked with scent expert, Dr. Alan Hirch, every men in the survey could recall the perfumes that his ex-girlfriends had worn. When asked if it’ll be a deal-breaker for them if their current date wears something similar, they said that they’d rather she not wear it.

However, if you don’t know what are his exes’ signature scents, try wearing something men would be attracted to instead. Fresh out-of-shower perfumes (such as Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue), spicy scents (like Tom Ford’s Black Orchid) and smells of fresh orange (e.g. Hermès’ Eau d’Orange Verte) are huge turn-ons.

On the other hand, men in the panel disliked perfumes that smell of food. Chocolate is the biggest turn-off. The only exception, according to the survey, is vanilla. Strong florals are also not a favourite amongst the men.


Guest Post by Daily Vanity.

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Dating: So Bad and Yet So Good

If you have been dating, and dating, and dating(!!) and somehow still haven’t found Mr/Miss About Right (oh yeah, gone are the days when we must have Exactly Right), you must be feeling pretty sick of it. Why do we persist? Is it the sinking feeling in your stomach that says you may not be wired for Complete and Utter Independence? Is it for lack of something better to do with your time (who are you and why haven’t you been ensnared by the long arms of the Internet)?

Indulge me here but I think it is our strong survival instinct, that intrinsic knowledge that tells us dating is somehow good for us. As unbelievably bad as it can seem, way too often, it somehow betters us, and moulds us into an upgraded Version 2.0.

Tony Stark 2.0


Rejection Strengthens your Attitude towards Failure

The worst part of dating is probably rejection and it hits you right at your first step. Moments after you work up your courage to say “Hi” to that sweetie pie in your office, you discover she isn’t that sweet after all. Your friend introduces you to her friend, whom she swears is the “nicest guy in the world” – Yep, not so nice. How many times can you walk into that wall and not crumble into a miserable mess?



Amazingly, you find yourself doing it over and over again. Gradually you realise that walking into a wall is not such a big deal. You learn to deal with it – just get up and find another way, a concept no different from facing difficulties at work, obstacles in life, all of which are inevitable but mostly just make us stronger.



Dating teaches you that Anything is Possible

You get all dressed up over and over again and nothing happens. Then one day, you’re hanging out with your best buds wearing your ratty old tee and glasses, and bang, you meet someone’s acquaintance and suddenly you’re dating. To say that love is a freaky random thing is putting it mildly. Should this make you despair? No! Let this be a reminder of the infinite possibilities in this world. The fact is anything Can Happen if you go out there and embrace life for all its quirky unpredictability. Believe that good things happen and they will. Make sure you’re ready.



Experience makes you Wiser

7 boyfriends later, sure, you might be a little bitter and somewhat confused about how it all works but there is no denying what doesn’t work. Obsessive compulsive workaholic doesn’t work. Sporty exercise freak doesn’t work. Romantic ultra-possessive doesn’t work. See what experience can do for you? The next time Mr Loves-Himself-More-than-Life asks for your number, you can laugh in his face and walk away. Efficiency is now your middle name. You can go through double the number of men you used to in half the time.

Just try not to leave a bloodbath in your wake.




~ Li Ching (Who Yearns to be Stronger, Wiser and Ready for Anything)


3 Fun Things to Do with your Date after Work!

There has been so much talk about Singaporeans not being happy. I say it’s because they’re not having enough FUN. What’s with all this work, work, work, morning, day and night? Like that how to go and Paktor? How to get married and make babies?

Cannot lah. So we uncovered the 3 most fun things in Singapore you can do with your Hot Date after work (what to do, still must work lah, otherwise no money to have fun lor)!

1) Night Cycling For Sporty Fun People

After being pent up all day in the office, what better way to let off some steam than with a vigorous bout of night cycling.

Alternatively you could indulge in some leisurely and romantic side-by-side cycling (Stunt-lovers can even try to hold hands but attempt this at your own risk!)

Fun After Work
Punggol Waterway (


Not only is it cooler to cycle at night, it will be less crowded both on the roads and in parks. Excellent coastal locations include Punggol Waterway, East Coast Park and Changi Boardwalk where you can also stop for a bite of supper after you’re done.

Those looking for some city lights to admire can cycle from Marina Barrage to Gardens by the Bay for a fabulous view of the Singapore skyline. Whether you’re under the stars or the sparkling city lights, be sure to take a moment to gaze into each other’s eyes!

Fun After Work
Marina Barrage (


2) Locked Rooms For Brainiacs

Locked rooms are quickly gaining popularity in Singapore with more companies joining the trend and creating rooms with greater diversity and excitement for players. They usually feature rooms where you have to solve puzzles or uncover clues in order to progress to the next stage and eventually escape. Challenges can range from physical ones such as retrieving a key from a hard-to-reach place in a room to mental ones like brainteasers and breaking codes. Newer entrants such as Trapped Escape Room Singapore are also hosting rooms with themes such as Friday the 13th and World War 3.

Fun After Work


If your brains are dying for some intellectual challenges after the stifling boredom of mind-numbing work all day, this is a great activity to check out with your date. Who knows, you may even get to rescue the damsel in distress (or be rescued)!

Fun After Work 

You can Check Out:

Trapped Escape Room Singapore

Xcape Singapore

Breakout Escape Game

The Escape Artist


Think Your Way Out


3) Darts For Sharpshooters

Who says there’s nothing to do in Singapore? If you’ve always thought you were a sharpshooter, here’s your chance to prove yourself. There are several dart bars and joints in Singapore that open till late or never close so you can literally shoot to your heart’s content at any time. Aim for your date to have some fun and hopefully Cupid’s shooting will be just as sharp as yours!

Fun After Work
Darts Culture (


You can Check Out:

Darts Culture

I Darts Singapore

Forest Darts Café & Pub


Fun After Work
Forest Darts Cafe (



~ Li Ching (Who Must Have Fun)

How to get on THAT Popular list on Paktor

Time flies.

It seemed like only yesterday that Paktor was launched and now it’s been a whole year (and more!) Many of you have come and gone, swiped and chatted, matched and dated.


One of our more recently launched features was the Most Popular user list and many of you have been asking how you can get on them.

We decided to do a bit of homework for you guys and hunt down these popular hunks and babes to find out their secret sauce.

On top of that, we’ll throw in some advice so that YOU can rise to the top of the dating game as well.

Sounds like a good deal? Then read on my friend, read on.

Disclaimer: Names and real photos have been withheld to protect our hot users who are already swamped...But if you’re really curious, I suggest you download Paktor and start swiping.
Top Personalities

Top Female Users

  1. Miss Model-Aspirant

You can’t miss this one. Her photos look like glossy portfolio prints. Her flawless make-up can only be matched by her highlighted tresses and runway outfit. She looks so perfect you wouldn’t dare to swipe right on her photo without going for a professional makeover first.

Tope Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I like visiting restaurants to try food I haven’t tried before…Cafes are nice too…We can chat and get to know each other better…I don’t really like alfresco dining, it’s too hot in Singapore! *laughs*

“No, I’m not really sporty…I’m more girly…I like shopping…Walking is also exercise right? Walking for a few hours can be very tiring!”

“No lah, I don’t take 2 hours to get ready to go out! Unless it’s a very special occasion.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Sometimes guys put very nice photos on the app but don’t bother to dress nicely when they show up for the date. It’s so weird! One guy showed up in slippers, and not the nice kind. He said it was okay for a café.”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“You look like a model! *laughs*

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

No one turns into one of these babes overnight. I know. I tried. Nearly succumbed to a mascara stick stabbing. Instead, I suggest you work harder, make more money and hire a personal dresser.

And a professional photographer.


  1. Miss Natural Girl-Next-Door

She’s a direct contrast to Miss Model-Wannabe with little or no make-up and clearly enjoys being dressed in comfortable but still presentable attire. Her photos are not glamour shots and may in fact include actual activities where she sweats or gets dirty.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I don’t mind trying different dates such as roller-blading at East Coast Park. I tried that once. It was quite fun although I probably fell more than I bladed! *laughs* I like a guy to be original and creative. But I like movies so although that’s a typical Singaporean date, I don’t mind.”

“I do like hawker food but maybe not for a first date. Too casual maybe? A date should be special, at least a little.”

“I like funny guys who make me laugh. Not that a guy shouldn’t be serious when it’s appropriate.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“It’s hard to tell anything about a person from just photos and a short description. You really don’t know what to expect. I can only look for someone who looks nice and friendly and pray I don’t meet a psycho.”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Unfortunately, we are not all natural born beauties who can strut around without makeup. But guys do like girls with a bit of interest and character so it pays to explore new activities and keep an open mind. Don’t forget to take some photos while you’re at it too!

Alternatively, you can work harder, make more money and go to Korea to enhance your natural beauty.


  1. Miss Cutie-Pie

You’ll recognise her by her cutesy poses with at least one finger near her face. She looks like a Japanese doll and may be hugging a Hello Kitty soft toy. She’s so adorable you want to bring her home to show your mum but you wonder when she’ll grow up.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I love soft toys! *laughs* I don’t know why but my friends love to buy me soft toys. That’s why I have so many. Of course I don’t buy all of them myself!”

“Selfies are great! I don’t have to wait for someone to take a photo for me. When I’m bored or waiting, I can take some for fun. My friends and I enjoy posting our selfies; it tells them what I’m doing at the moment too.”

“We don’t use the phone to talk. It‘s much faster to message but it can be distracting. Sometime I get hundreds of messages after I don’t check for a while. When I really need to work, I have to mute my messages.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Erm…okay lah, I think online dating’s fun. I usually get bored with the guy after chatting for a while. I don’t meet many of the guys. But it’s fun to swipe!”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“*laughs* Singaporeans don’t use pick-up lines lah! I can’t think of any!”

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Practice makes perfect. Try out your cutesy hand poses with your good friend, the mirror or a real friend who won’t laugh in your face. If it still doesn’t work out, hide behind a giant Hello Kitty soft toy and work its cutesy face to your advantage.



Top Male Users

  1. Mr Boy-Next-Door

This is by far the most common profile type on Paktor. There are a surprisingly large number of pleasant, earnest Singaporean guys who make the effort to post an informative range of photos that really gives you a glimpse into their lives and make you want to swipe right.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I like friendly, laidback girls who are open to different things. Not too fussy type.”

“*laughs* Yah, I do like girls with long hair, pretty mah. But can have, can don’t have lah.”

“Coffee is very important! Cannot get through my day without it! *Laughs*

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“I don’t like people thinking that online dating is only for desperate people. Actually there’re a lot of nice people you can meet online. Most people are just too busy to meet anyone so online dating is really useful. You can chat whenever you’re free so it’s very convenient. You may not end up dating them but can still be friends.”

Best Pick-Up Line Lines Heard:


“Hey. Hi”

“Hi Hi”

Because girls don’t need no pick up line game.


What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Take an obsessive number of photos of you doing just about everything. Borrow a cute dog to pose with if possible. Exclude anything that occurs in a bathroom.

Pick a good female friend with excellent taste to help you select the best for your Paktor profile.


  1. Mr Sportsman 

I don’t think this guy even requires a description. Bare torso – Check! Six-pack – Check! Tank top – Check!

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“I like to work out…it doesn’t mean my girlfriend has to be the same. But it would be nice to work out together.”

“Appearances are important of course. So is health. Keeping fit lets me do the other things I want…like eat *laughs*…I like to eat.”

“I like movies, not just action ones…comedies are good.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Girls who don’t reply! *Laughs* At least can be polite mah…”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“I heard you’re looking for me…I’m Mr Right. *laughs*

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Only aspire to be this guy if you can endure a wait of at least 6 months for a girlfriend. Meanwhile, expect to be eating very little and spending a lot of time and money in the gym. Your trainer will become your new best friend (it’s the least he can do since you’re paying for his new car).



  1. Mr Frequent Flyer

The guy who seems to plonk himself in the most exotic locations around the world. You can’t help but recognise the different iconic backdrops and secretly wish that he brings you along with him.

Top Personalities

Likes / Dislikes:

“Travelling really broadens your mind and changes the way you look at the world around you and your own life. I would love to meet someone who shares the same enthusiasm for experiencing different cultures.”

“Photos help me to remember places I’ve visited. The world is so big, if I don’t return to the same place, at least I have these photos to remember them by.”

Pet Peeve of Online Dating:

“Nothing. Online dating is perfect for our world today. It allows you to reach out to anyone. No one has to be restricted by geographical divides.”

Best Pick-Up Line Heard:

“Sorry, I don’t use pick-up lines. They’re quite hard to pull off, aren’t they?”

What the Rest of Us can Learn Here:

Find a new job that pays you to travel a lot for your work, or learn some advance photoshop module.

You could even travel to Jurassic park ;)



~ Li Ching (Who Now Feels Like Swiping Right)

4 Ways to Make Your Co-Worker Fall in Love with You

I am psychic. No, really, I am. I can tell just by looking at you that you…spend a lot of time in the office. See? I told you. Oh wait…I’m getting something else…a sense of…Desperation. Ah…you’re desperate for love. If you are anything like the Average worker who spends 26 hours a day working, you know the only way for you to get any loving is from one of your co-workers. But how does one get a colleague to fall in love in the midst of the typical workday schedule?

Fall in love at work


  1. Hang around. A lot. Then disappear.

Studies have shown that the more positive interactions you have with someone, the more they like you. So if the Love of Your Life (LOYL) heads to the pantry for a coffee, go get some tea. If he needs to photocopy a stack of documents, so do you. He’s waiting at reception for a delivery? What a coincidence! But do not follow him to the toilet. That’s just creepy.

Fall in love at work

When you start to develop a nice pally connection, it’s time to make the occasional disappearance. Nothing makes the heart grow fonder as a little absence. The right tug and release will ensure that this Kite of Love continues to fly high.


  1. Let Them do Nice Things for You.

Being in love makes you want to do nice things: it makes you feel good about yourself and you also become extra attached to the recipient of your actions. On the other hand, being the recipient can be tricky. You could be appreciative and pleased but just as easily overwhelmed if your feelings towards that person are still unclear.

So resist the urge to bombard them. Instead, ask for easy favours. If you know he always brings a coffee back after lunch, ask if he could get an extra for you. He’s heading over to HR? Ask him to pass along a document. In return, always smile, be super grateful and remember that no one gets sick of knowing what a nice, helpful person they are.

Fall in love at work


  1. The Path to Love Lies Within the Eyes.

Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin discovered that couples who are deeply in love look at each other 75% of the time when talking and are slower to look away when someone else intrudes. In contrast, people only look at each other 30-60% of the time in normal conversation.

So if you want to trick his brain into thinking that he’s in love, gaze soulfully into the eyes of the LOYL every opportunity you get. Take an extra second before you tear away your eyes even if your boss is yelling at you from his door. Unless it’s Bonus Month.

Fall in love at work


  1. Practise Dilating your Pupils.

The ones in your eyes, that is. Do not attack your students if you are a teacher. Do not attack students even if you are not a teacher. According to pupillometrics (Yes, this is a real word. This is an educational website and that was your New Word of the Day.), the scientific study of pupils, people are wired to respond positively to enlarged pupils.

If you are attracted to someone, your pupils will already tend to enlarge but you can help by creating dim lighting. When the lights are out for a PowerPoint presentation, be sure you’re seated next to the LOYL and lean in for a whispered conversation.

Or just wear circle lenses like everyone else.

Fall in love at work



~ Li Ching (Who Stares Soulfully into her Phone)




Online Dating Tips for People who Love their Work

So I hear there are people who actually love their work. I know. It’s strange, exotic even, but apparently not an urban legend. Unlike you and I, these people do not try to stretch out their toilet / smoke / kopi breaks. Sometimes they’re so absorbed with work that they forget to eat (nature’s attempt to weed out the weak, no doubt). Usually they’re also too busy to date unless it’s via express dating methods such as online dating. We call these people Workaholics. And boy, do they need help. So here’s the Workaholic’s Guide to Online Dating.

Online Dating


  1. Don’t Post a Photo of you at Work.

Being a workaholic is NOT a virtue. It means you have no time to date or remember her birthday or go off on holidays. So while you shouldn’t LIE on your profile, you can Withhold Your Deep Dark Secrets. For now. The truth will eventually come out but hopefully by then, you’ll have managed to snag her with your charm and good humour. Or money.

Online Dating


  1. Tell People what you are Looking for.

Remember once upon a time…long, long ago…before you started work and became one of Them? Remember when you had hopes and dreams and interests in life that did not revolve around Work? Write about that in your profile and hopefully you’ll find someone with similar interests who could get you back on that wagon.

Online Dating


  1. Don’t Kid Yourself; It is going to Take Time and Effort.

Yes you are a busy, busy person. If the world was perfect, you would date one person and she would be perfect and you would live happily ever after. Now come back down to earth and how about you get a good momentum going and arrange 5 dates for a start?

Online Dating


  1. Use your Efficiency at Work while Dating

Time is precious, yours, mine, and everybody’s, so don’t waste any. If your date’s boring you to death or clearly repugnant to you in one way or another, move on. No need to pull a disappearing act. Say you have a 4am conference call / you have to monitor the U.S. stock market / you feel a massive diarrhoea episode coming from that gigantic burrito you ate and you really don’t want to gross her out. Oops.

Online Dating


  1. No Shame in Taking a Break

There is a Chinese saying about how taking a break is important for allowing you to travel further. Be understanding towards yourself. Work is exhausting and dating is too. When they clash in horrible and terrifying ways, take a break, have a Kit Kat, and live to date another day.

Online Dating


  1. Never Give Up

As with all things in life, perseverance is the most effective yet under-rated quality in dating. As an experienced fairy tale character once said, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince.” So join Workaholics Anonymous if you need help but don’t stop dating till you’ve found The One.

Online Dating



~ Li Ching (Who Loves Kit Kat)




The 8 Online Dating Profiles You’ll Never See IRL

Imagine a world where everyone posted honest online dating profiles. You will no longer have to psychoanalyse everything you read, wondering if “charming” means “ugly” and “well-read” means “never leaves the house”. Some say that would never work but I beg to differ.

In such a world, we simply adjust our selection process. Instead of looking for qualities we want, we sieve out the qualities we can live with. There will be no surprises except good ones. Imagine discovering one day that your pimply-faced, nerdy, agoraphobic boyfriend is super kind to kids and old people (never mind that he never actually steps out of the house to meet them).

Tempting, isn’t it? Here’s a look at some dating profiles from that mythical world…

Online Dating


The Super Lazy Type

  1. “Shocking that I even put up this profile. Looking for motherly types to cook, clean, and occasionally feed me. And the cat. Can’t type anymore. Must nap. Meow.”
Honest Online Dating Profiles

The Two-Timer 

  1. “Hi, the fact is, without meaning to be offensive, I’m actually seeing someone although we’re not anything like exclusive and it’s started to occur to me that we might not be exactly on the same page but you know how it is, no one really wants to be alone so I’m really hoping to find someone perfect out there before I move on.”
Honest Online Dating Profiles

The Settler 

  1. “Looking for someone with lower standards than mine.”
Honest Online Dating Profiles

 The Havoc One

  1. “Heyyy..I love parties! I love beer! I love music! I love wine! I love whiskey! Sometimes I end the night with my head in a toilet bowl but that never stops me! If you want an alcoholic to party with 7 nights a week (because unlike God, I don’t need a day off), call me!”
Honest Online Dating Profiles


The Emotionally Clingy

  1. “I will become emotionally attached if you so much as smile at me. So don’t. Unless you’re ready to move in and make babies today.” (Approaching 35 and so desperate.)
Honest Online Dating Profiles

The Good looking One 

  1. “I’m tall, dark and handsome. Women are always slipping me their phone numbers so I’m never short of dates but I just get sick of them so fast. If you don’t mind a brief fling with someone who loves himself more than you, I’m your guy.”
Honest Online Dating Profiles

 The Pseudo-Food Connoisseur 

  1. “I’m an excellent cook and I love to eat. I taste fruits at the supermarket, I never refuse a free sample, I eat what I cook, when I’m stressed, when I’m happy, when I’m nervous, sometimes even when I’m hungry. If you try to stop me, I will hurt you.”
Honest Online Dating Profiles



 The High Flyer

8.  “It’s important to be successful. I define success with a high-flying career, a six-figure salary, a convertible and a penthouse in the city. If you’re in my league, we should meet.”

Honest Online Dating Profiles


So that’s it! Do you think we missed out on any profiles? Share it with us and we might just feature them in our next article!


~ Li Ching (Who is Lazy But will Move for Food)