Building a Good Relationship

We start off relationships on a very high note. We’re happy, we laugh, we whatsapp non-stop with our other halves until the wee hours of the morning. Most of us also jump into a relationship when we choose to believe in love at first sight or that the other party is just too wonderful or too good to be true. But after a while we find out that maybe that person isn’t really for you. As we delve deeper into the relationship or spend more time with each other, we learn more and more about each other and tend to start having doubts about the relationship.

So, what are the essentials of a good relationship?

1. How well do you know your other half’s habits?

His or her quirks, habits or idiosyncrasies play a huge part. The slightest of things could just irk or annoy the death out of you. These little things lead to petty quarrels which are really not needed in a relationship. Why cause additional emotional stress to each other? It will only lead to bigger arguments and eventually to a relationship disaster.


2. Heart or looks

It’s common to be attracted to someone who is good-looking. We’re humans and we’re visual creatures. But what about their personalities, their hobbies or even their beliefs? Don’t forget a person’s heart will still be the same till the day they die. Looks fade after a while. Would you still want to be with that person 10 years down the road?


3. Loving others

How does your partner love others? Their family, their friends? Does he or she spend time with them and appreciate them? Don’t forget that your partner is going to be a part of your life so how your partner treats his or her family and friends will also be how he or she would treat your family and friends.


And the last important element of all – patience. We’re all different and have different thought processes. All it takes is just that extra ounce of patience for a relationship to work out well.


xx The Paktor Queen