Breakups? Pfft. This is what you DO.

The Internet is a marvellous window into all the weird and twisted ways angry people deal with crap in their lives. Any time you feel like your life is boring and mundane, I recommend you read some of this weird sh*t to put things in perspective. This week I read about  Statia Grossman’s photo series “Sh*t You Left Behind” where she took photos of *drumroll* the sh*t he left behind. It was described as “raw and poignant”. I thought it was angry and pointless. Being a boring and mundane person who prefers to advocate positivity *gag reflex*, let me introduce you to some creative and constructive ways to deal with your breakups instead!



  1. Turn his Old T-Shits, oops I mean T-Shirts into Bags

Since you couldn’t save your relationship, why not save Mother Earth? Recycle his t-shirts into these not-at-all-professional-but-still-perfectly-useful bags. Bring them to the supermarket for groceries and to the beach for picnics. Give them to your friends. Share the Love. Save the Earth.



  1. Turn his Old CDs/DVDs into Coasters

Yes, some people break CDs as a way to vent their anger and frustration. I have never tried it but it doesn’t look easy. What if I scratch a nail? Seems like a waste of a good manicure. Turn them into coasters instead. I love fabric coasters that not only protect your table but also soak up all that condensation from cold glasses. (If it looks too complicated, just superglue fabric onto CDS, who cares, it doesn’t need to last forever.)



  1. Turn his Old Musical Instrument into your New Hobby

I don’t understand how people can leave a relationship in such a rush that they would leave their musical equipment behind. Makes me wonder what kind of a toxic relationship/person(s) it/he/she must have been. Oh I forgot. I’m a boring, mundane, old person who does things at a stately pace. Well if you’ve ever wanted to learn a new skill, this is it. The universe has gifted you an *insert orphan musical instrument*. Enrich your life and others with Music.



  1. Turn his Old Shoes into All Kinds of Amazing Sh*t!

Assuming he used to have more than one pair of shoes in your house or if he ran away barefoot and screaming in terror, these are some awesome ideas for turning those shoes into just about anything you didn’t know shoes could be turned into.



  1. Donate and Recycle

Even if you couldn’t sew a stitch to save your life or superglue without getting all your fingers stuck together, you can still be practical *yawn* and do some good with all that stuff you think is crap. The sad state of the world is that someone out there needs just about any old thing you might have. Even old letters and cards that you think deserve nothing more than a roaring bonfire can be recycled. So breathe, let go of that anger and turn those ashes into a glorious phoenix.





~ Li Ching (Who Would Love Some Recycled Crap)