Prepping for the First Date: Beauty Tips with Everyday Home Items!

Everyone wants to look good, whether it’s for that perfect Paktor app photo or on your first (second, third, or forty-fifth) hot date. Everyone also loves a good hack so here are the best beauty hacks you can find right in your own home. Now if only you had known about these before you went and blew your pay check on a ton of commercial beauty products!


beauty tip using coconut oil

  1. Extra Virgin Coconut or Olive Oil –

Both kinds of oil can be used as a cleanser to dissolve the oil, makeup and impurities that have hardened and clogged up the pores on your face. Don’t overdo it though, once a day is enough! You can even use them as moisturisers for your face, hair or body as they’re much more hydrating (and natural) than commercial moisturisers.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted with water) –

The acid found in apple cider vinegar makes it a great natural toner. As it kills bacteria and removes excess dirt and oil, it can help to treat and prevent acne. Regular usage also reduces pigmentation to create a more even skin tone and softer skin with smaller, less visible pores (now you know what babies use).


  1. Vaseline –

Is there anything Vaseline can’t do? I tried to get it to vacuum the floor. That was about the only time it failed. Otherwise, use it as an eye makeup remover, as a lip gloss substitute, as a moisturiser for cracked elbows and heels, to condition your split ends, to remove lipstick stains on your teeth, to mix with lipstick and use as a cream blush, to rub on your wrists before applying perfume so that it lasts forever and ever. I think I will try getting it to vacuum again.


teabags for puffy eyes beauty tip

  1. Teabags –

How can we not love teabags? Tried and tested, not only can we drink them, we can recycle them to cure our puffy eyes by simply chilling and applying them under our eyes for a few minutes. It’s so soothing that you WILL fall asleep. It has the same effect as studying for exams.


  1. Baking Soda –

Being mildly abrasive, baking soda can be used to remove stains on your teeth made by coffee and red wine. Just sprinkle a little onto your toothpaste to brush your teeth and you will notice a difference straightaway (but no, you won’t glow in the dark, not right away).


brown sugar body scrub beauty tip

  1. Brown sugar –

Don’t waste money on a body scrub when you can simply add brown sugar to your normal body wash. It acts exactly like the granules in scrubs to help exfoliate dry dead skin. And if scrubbing makes you hungry, there’s your snack right there, super convenient.


  1. Eggs –

Personally I just like to eat my eggs but in this whole list, there is no denying that this is the one item you’re most likely to have in your home. So if scrambled and poached are no longer the ways you like your eggs, you can also spread egg whites (yes, raw) underneath your eyes to remove puffy bags, spread egg whites all over your face as a mask, or use a whole whisked egg as a hair mask. Rinse off after you’re done. Do not cook the used eggs.


Photo Courtesy: We Heart It