8 Lies You Shouldn’t Tell on your Online Dating Profile

It’s just an Itsy Bitsy Lie, you tell yourself, barely a dent in the world of morally deviant activities. It’s not like you’re hurting anyone. Unless the lies on your dating profile are uncovered, then the only one you may be hurting would be yourself. So do yourself a big favour this festive year end, drink and be merry but hold off on the pretty little lies.

  1. This is a Current Photo of me

Definitely the easiest and most common lie on any dating profile, it can be hard to resist adding just that little touch up, photo editing, what the hell, use your best friend’s photo, after all she has gorgeous eyes like you. The fact that she also looks like Maggie Q is not the point at all.


Instead – Get your friends to help, either by selecting good recent photos of you or helping you to take a couple of nice new ones!


  1. I don’t Smoke or Drink

If you smoke like a chimney pot and drink more wine than water, you won’t be able to keep this lie up for long, unless all you wanted was a penpal.

Dating Profile

Instead – At least admit that you’re a social drinker or if you have plans to quit, go ahead and say so.


  1. I Love Animals

…Especially pork, beef and lamb. I actually don’t get this lie. Why do people who do not love animals bother to lie that they do? Because they want a partner who does, so that they can be faced with an animal they dislike everyday (I’m not talking about the partner)?

Dating Profile

Instead – Just leave this info out lah!


  1. I Love Sports and Adventure

Remember, watching sports is not the same as doing sports so you may want to make it clear if you don’t want to be chasing a tennis ball around on your first date.

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Instead – If you do have some interest, be clear about where your interest lies. “I like watching The Amazing Race.” “I would love to learn to surf.”


  1. I have an Ivy League Education

If you just want to impress, Don’t. This comes across too much like boasting and is more likely to slam you in the face or draw egomaniacal elitist types.

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Instead – Insert a sense of humour into your profile. This way, you can show off your intelligence and entertain at the same time.


  1. I Speak 6 Languages

Being able to swear in 6 languages is not the same as actually speaking 6 languages, but I think you know that already.

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Instead – Why not say you can swear in 6 languages? I would be impressed. I can only do 4.


  1. Your Size and Shape Don’t Matter

If it really doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t have to say it at all.

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Instead – If it does somewhat matter, give general guidelines such as, “I think having a guy tower over me is so romantic.”


  1. I Enjoy Ballet, the Opera and Foreign Films

Again, why are you trying to be someone you’re not?

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Instead – If you merely want to attract someone with different interests that you think you could be interested in, then say so. Most people would be happy to teach you about what they love.


~ Li Ching (Who Loves Honesty)