7 Dating Tips that will Change your Love Life

It’s Saturday night and instead of being out and about, you’re sitting in front of the telly and twiddling your thumbs? Oh no, no, no, you’ve fallen into a love rut! This will not do, so check out these dating tips that will give your love life the zest it needs.

  1. Go Forth and Be Adventurous

Do you spend all your time at your favourite club complaining that there’re no good men out there? Don’t you mean “in this club”? Time to get off your ass and cast the net wider. Join that photography class you’ve been interested in, pick up that third language you thought would be so useful (for chatting up hot men?) Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for all the men out there – at the supermarket, in the library, having coffee, and remember, there’s no harm in saying hi with a smile.


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  1. Get your Friends to Set You Up

Your friends could be your best matchmakers. After all, they know you and love you (presumably) so they’re unlikely to introduce a troll to you (unless you have a troll fetish). So let them know you’re ready!

  1. Use the Internet

It’s 2078. No, wait, my bad, it’s 2014 but it feels like the future. Dating doesn’t have to start in the real world. Use the virtual world where everything happens at the speed of light (almost) so you can also find true love right now. Download apps like Paktor so you can check out 365 men in a day. Where else can you find such efficiency?


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  1. Don’t Play Games

Some guys may like dating games but if the idea of games gives you a headache, then just be yourself. There’re many nice guys out there who’re just looking for a nice girl, someone sincere and kind. If you like them, show it (no need to climb onto their laps straightaway) and if you don’t, let them down gently and you may earn a friend instead.

  1. Body Language & Eye Contact

Unlike virtual dating where only your words and photos are important, in real life, how you behave can make a big difference too. Mirroring each other’s actions and prolonged eye contact are both signs of interest and if you use them, you could increase the sense of intimacy on the date. But don’t get competitive; glaring at him for 2 minutes straight is more likely to send him running out the door!


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  1. Make Up your Own Mind

Everyone loves to tattle to their best friend about a new guy but don’t forget that everyone is different and your friends’ opinions may be a better reflection of themselves than of you. Listening to too much input too early will make it hard for you to tell if you really like a guy so remember to listen to your own gut first. (Works better after food if you’re not keen to date Nasi Lemak, Laksa and their other sexy friends.)

  1. Date Flopped? Try Again. And Again. And Again.

No one said dating is easy but when you find that special someone, all the work will be worth it. So keep trying. More dating experiences will also help you to focus on what is truly important to you and help you to learn more about who you are. Win-win situation? This is it!


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