6 Ways to Tell if a Guy Likes You

I know right? You’d think by now this should be on our fingertips. After all, men are hardly as wily or as confusing as women. So they say. I think it’s just a ploy to get us to let our guards down. Damn they’re good. But no more! Here’s the definitive guide to figuring out if that guy likes you. Unless he’s a Player. Damn.

  1. He Touches You

Uh-huh. Let’s just get right to it. If a guy likes you, he’s already moved 6 steps ahead and is imagining you naked. Who am I kidding? That’s probably the next step. But this is not the Dark Ages and he can hardly drag you home by your hair so he has to settle for a hand on your arm, a nudge of your shoulder, you know…socially accepted norms.

  1. He laughs

Who wouldn’t be in a good mood around someone he adores? You may be no Tina Fey but hey, suddenly everything you say is smart and amusing, probably because he’s listening to you for once. Law of the Universe: Men only listen to people they like, provided they’re not married.

  1. He’s a Tease

Yep that thing you secretly love, that allows you to slap his arm because you want to touch him too. Feel free to tease him right back. What’s the difference between someone being mean to you because he has a chip on his shoulder and someone teasing you because he likes you? The Smile.

  1. He’s Fussing Over his Appearance

When it comes to grooming, men have no standards (by our standards). If his shirt is food stain-free and he is recently showered, that is probably good enough for him. If you find a man asking for fashion advice and changing his look, you can bet your money that he’s in love. A quick scan of the horizon should reveal the object of his desire.

  1. He Can’t Stop Looking at You

You catch him staring at you all day long. Sometimes he turns away, embarrassed; other times he smiles and holds your gaze. You’re starting to feel stalked. Calm down, the man’s in love with you.

  1. He Ditches his Pack

While there are many lone wolves out there, many men also move in packs like women. But a guy in love will be eager to ditch his pals for his True Love since any opportunity to spend time with you improves his chances of finding love.


~ Li Ching (Who is as Confusing as They Come)