5 Types of Guys Women Want

This is the last of this week’s series for you guys but there’ll be more loving for you guys to come. I see it in my Crystal Ball. After my last article about the kind of guys women avoid, I could not possibly go without letting you in on what women really really want. Some of these qualities are god’s gifts and could be difficult to nurture but some just need a little brushing up. True, we girls want everything (wah you know us so well!) but occasionally we regain consciousness and realise that’s not possible (noooooo!) so if we die die had to choose, these are definitely some of the favourite guys women want (which you can aspire to be!)

Guys Women Want


  1. Mr Fun and Social

Fun guys are irresistible, and on a scale, they’re right up there with ice cream. They’re spontaneous and always full of crazy ideas. They love people and thrive at any social gathering. They’re the kind of people who make you feel alive and when you’re around them, time just flies by. Who could not love them?

Level of Difficulty to Achieve: ***

Guys Women Want


  1. Mr Funny

Make no mistake – Mr Fun and Mr Funny is not the same guy. Unlike Mr Fun, Mr Funny is not necessarily (although he can be) a people person but he’s definitely someone with a sense of humour. Whether he loves puns, satire or even slapstick, Mr Funny’s keen sense of observation and quick responses will keep you young and laughing all day long. You’ll never need a doctor again with Mr Funny providing the laughs!

Level of Difficulty to Achieve: ****

Guys Women Want


  1. Mr Romantic

Mr Romantic has all the mooooves, baby. Dating him could lead to anything from extravagant grand gestures like candlelight dinners by the seaside or intimate surprises such as random love letters by your pillow. Honestly, he is very, very bad for a girl. After a stint of dating Mr Romantic, no girl could go back to a life of normalcy again.

Girls: You have been warned.

Guys: What are you waiting for? Brush up on those romantic gestures!

Level of Difficulty to Achieve: ***

Guys Women Want


  1. Mr Intellectual

Ah, the Wise One – He quotes Hemingway to make a point, reads Plato for leisure, and can teach you both about Wall Street finance and international politics. Under his gaze, a girl can feel as small as an ant but the conversation will be scintillating and you will learn more about the world than you ever did over coffee.

Level of Difficulty to Achieve: *****

Guys Women Want


  1. Mr Warm and Sensitive

This guy is truly a rare gem. He knows to be understanding (and forgiving) when a girl is ranting like a crazed lunatic. He brings her favourite Chinatown porridge when she’s ill and knows how to appreciate romantic comedies. This is the kind of guy who really is a girl’s best friend (sorry, dogs!).

Level of Difficulty to Achieve: ****

Guys Women Want



~ Li Ching (Whose Favourite is Mr Funny)