5 Horrid Things Men Do On Dating Apps

I constantly get bombarded by weird profile pictures and chat messages of Paktor users by friends. No matter how much I stress about having a good profile photo, users and friends (*ERHEM*) tend to put up the dumbest things as profile photos and pray and hope (and dream) that someone as hot as Cecilia Cheung or Angela Baby will like them back so they can then ride vicariously into the sunset with them on horseback, make beautiful babies and live happily ever after….. ( I kid. I think in reality, it’ll be riding the SMRT train hoping that it won’t break down to Punggol before having kids at KK Hospital and praying for a happy-ever-after by wishing that their CPFs won’t get taken away from them unwillingly. HAAA!! )

So in an attempt to help my single friends and users try to achieve their dream girls, I have researched and went on many different dating apps to find out the worst things guys have done on dating apps. So men, as long as you avoid this, your chances of having your dream girls are higher. (Please correct me if I’m wrong, I would love to hear your opinions!)

  1. The Buttfie


SAY WHATTT?? Selfie, wefie… now buttfie…. Never in my whole life would I ever thought a guy would do something like this.. and use it as his only ONLY ONLY profile photo. Which female is gonna like your bum? Nobody needs to see that grandpa undies or your (untoned) glutes! Maybe some guys will like your photo (nothing wrong with that) but totally defeats your purpose of finding a girl right?

Unfortunately, this is how i also envision your face to be…


Buttfies are a NO NO.


  1. The Fake Horse

It’s no surprise that men do like their fast cars; Porsche, Ferraris, Aston Martins etc. But what’s up with men putting up pictures of cars that they do not own as their profile photos? When I googled the word ‘Ferrari’, the first few images that come up are photos that I have seen as user profile photos on dating apps. So if the girl actually likes you back, she’ll be wanting to sit in your Ferrari. But if she ends up sitting in your Proton Saga and doesn’t call you again.. I don’t blame her for her disappearance. She’s most probably cursing and telling everyone what a con artist you are.


Don’t pretend to have something that you don’t.


  1. The Bad Pick Up Line

I thought I have heard the worst pick-up lines ever till I came across this on the Internet.



This one just deserves to be blocked and slapped.

I rest my case. I also do hope your ferrari crashes.


  1. The Chat Essays


I’m sure some of you have read or come across this – Men who are so eager to share their entire life story, their every moment of yesterday, today and tomorrow and every second… Chats are short and sweet… not essay-like! I don’t need to know what you’re doing for the whole day or the next few days. And DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME GORGEOUS!!


  1. The Couple Photo

I always condemned men who cheat on their girlfriends or vice versa. And when I actually see profile photos of couples with a male name, I either dislike the profile or hit the ‘report inappropriate flag’. Are you seriously that ignorant? You’re proclaiming to the whole world that you are cheating!




So men, if you’re wondering why you haven’t met the girl of your dreams even though you’ve constantly been swiping right…. Now you know why. Either delete that horrid profile photo or carry on praying for a Cecilia Cheung/Angela Bay.

XX The Paktor Queen