2015 Bucket List: Do These and Die Happy!

Don’t kid yourself. Life is entirely achievement oriented. A man is accomplished if he dies of busyness. You can sleep when you’re dead. Right now, you need a 2015 Bucket List. Fortunately I’m a woman so my standards are slightly lower. If you’re looking for a bucket list to last the next 20 years because you still want to watch soccer and eat chips (or do it all in 2015, make it a competition, be that kind of person, what do I care?), here’s one you can work on ticking off.

2015 Bucket List


  1. Do Something that Scares the S**t out of you

This will be different for everyone. It could be a 360 degree rollercoaster, public speaking or just talking to that cutie you’ve been checking out every day at the lift lobby. When you’ve done it, you will know fear is not real (although I can’t say the same for the painful Shame of Rejection.)

2015 Bucket List


  1. Do Something that Pushes your Physical Boundaries

Climb a mountain, run a marathon or if you’re anything like me, 10 burpees would be an accomplishment. The point is not to compare yourself with others. It is only your own boundary that you need to push. (See how easy it is to psych yourself into feeling good?)

2015 Bucket List


  1. Skinny Dip

(The guys made me write this. I am not responsible.)

2015 Bucket List


  1. Learn to Drive a Manual Car

You know that horror movie where the girl couldn’t get away because the only car that runs in town was in manual gear? I rest my case.

2015 Bucket List


  1. Take an Unplanned Road Trip (Run Away!)

Have an adventure! Go forth into the great unknown. Don’t use the internet. Don’t use social media. Don’t plan your trip. Just take your essentials and go. See what the world has in store for you. *Disclaimer: The writer is not liable for any consequences arising as a result of this entirely frivolous suggestion.

2015 Bucket List


  1. Write a Letter

I know. Your handwriting sucks. That’s the only real reason you never write letters. So write to someone close, someone who wouldn’t mind your chicken squiggles, someone worth the precious time and effort you would put into creating a thoughtful handwritten letter, someone who would be delighted, touched and keep this letter forever. (No jokes. I swear.)

2015 Bucket List


  1. Volunteer your Time

Be Gandhi. Change the world. Never mind, who are we kidding? Just start with your neighbourhood. Teach a child to read. Help an old man clean his house. Buy lunch for the cardboard lady. If doing these don’t make you feel good…just go back to watching tv.

2015 Bucket List


  1. Learn a New Language

And by that, I don’t mean French or Korean. Learn Cantonese, Teochew, or Hakka. Learn the dying language of your dialect group. Breathe life into a dying culture. (No jokes. I double swear.)

2015 Bucket List


  1. Throw a Huge Party and Invite All your Friends

BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU CAN. Alright if no one shows up, call me. I’ll be your friend. I won’t laugh at you. Because I’m a warm sensitive soul.

2015 Bucket List


10. Send a Message in a Bottle

Right?? Doesn’t EVERYONE want to do this? No? It’s just me? Really? You don’t think it’s cool to wait interminably to see if anyone responds to your message? Like you could be 60 years old and get a letter from someone in Scandinavia? Fine. Humph. Go plant a tree.

2015 Bucket List


~ Li Ching (Who Will Someday Send a Message in a Bottle)