10 Relationship Questions You have Always Wanted to ask Men

It is widely believed that women can be hard to understand. If you’re a man who’s ever been on the perplexed end of this spectrum, you have my sympathy. But men are hardly as simple as ABC either, and clearly because I think women don’t already have enough to say, here are some relationship questions women have been dying to ask men. (I know…So useful right? Only questions, no answers. Okay, since I know you want it, you really, really want it, I will draw on my manly inner self and give you some answers. Just for you only.)

Relationship Questions


  1. Why do men think that being in a long-term relationship is the end of fun?

Men: What are you talking about? We love being in long-term relationships. Sleeping with one woman for the rest of our lives, constantly having to fight over the remote, getting to know the intricate details of all our faults on a daily basis without paying for therapy? It’s like a dream come true.

Relationship Questions


  1. Is there such a thing as “too slutty”?

Men: No, I mean yes.


  1. What percentage of your female friends do you want to sleep with?

Men: 100, I mean, zero, absolutely zero percent.

Relationship Questions


  1. Have you cheated? How often?

Men: What exactly do you mean by cheating? Is this a trick question?


  1. How often do you look at porn?

Men: Does looking at it in our heads count?

Relationship Questions


  1. What is going through your head when we’re mad at you?

Men: We are thinking contrite thoughts. Devoutly.

Relationship Questions


  1. Why do you expect us to watch action movies with you when you do not watch rom-coms with us?

Men: We watch rom-coms with you! Remember that year we were travelling through Europe and got stranded at that B&B which had only that DVD, what was it again? Oh yes, When Harry Met Sally.

Relationship Questions


  1. Why won’t you ask for directions?

Men: Sure we do. We always follow directions when we buy IKEA furniture. How do you think we got that cabinet up so fast?


  1. Why do you enjoy video games so much?

Men: Why do you enjoy buying shoes so much?

Relationship Questions


 10. Why don’t you ever change the toilet paper?

Men: Oh. It’s not automated?

Relationship Questions



~ Li Ching (Who is the Toilet-Paper-Changing Autobot)